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2022 Update Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 Dumps

To become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate, candidates will need to clear the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. To prepare for the AZ-104 certification and pass the exam successfully, candidates can choose Passcert latest Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 Dumps for test preparation. Our subject matter experts and certified Azure trainers offer relevant study material necessary to support your exam preparation. After practice our new update Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 Dumps, you can strengthen your practical Azure skills through hands-on lab sessions and test your knowledge before the final exam. We guarantee you can pass your Microsoft AZ-104 exam successfully and earn your Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.
2022 Update Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 Dumps

Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)

The Azure Administrator is the most popular Azure certification because it provides the broadest amount of practical knowledge to manage Azure infrastructure. It also allows you to pivot into any career path for Azure-based roles.This exam is part of Microsoft’s role-based certification program. Candidates who pass the AZ-104 exam will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.
Microsoft Azure Administrators are responsible for implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment. They also provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources as needed. The content in this path can help you kickstart your exam preparation and build the beginning foundation for your journey to becoming a Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate.

Skills Measured

The content of this exam was updated on September 24, 2021. Please download the exam skills outline below to see what changed.
Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
Implement and manage storage (15-20%)
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20-25%)
Configure and manage virtual networking (25-30%)
Monitor and back up Azure resources (10-15%)

Share Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Sample Questions

Note: The question is included in a number of questions that depicts the identical set-up. However, every question has a distinctive result. Establish if the solution satisfies the requirements.
Your company has an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named that is configured for hybrid coexistence with the on-premises Active Directory domain.
You have a server named DirSync1 that is configured as a DirSync server.
You create a new user account in the on-premise Active Directory. You now need to replicate the user information to Azure AD immediately.
Solution: You restart the NetLogon service on a domain controller.
Does the solution meet the goal?
Answer : B
You are planning to deploy an Ubuntu Server virtual machine to your company’s Azure subscription.
You are required to implement a custom deployment that includes adding a particular trusted root certification authority (CA).
Which of the following should you use to create the virtual machine?
A.The New-AzureRmVm cmdlet.
B.The New-AzVM cmdlet.
C.The Create-AzVM cmdlet.
D.The az vm create command.
Answer : D
You have an Azure App Service plan named AdatumASP1 that hosts several Azure web apps.
You discover that the web apps respond slowly.
You need to provide additional memory and CPU resources to each instance of the web apps.
What should you do?
A.Add continues WebJob that use the multi-instance scale
B.Scale out AdatumASP1
C.Add a virtual machine scale set
D.Scale up AdatumASP1
You have an Azure subscription named Subscription1 that contains an Azure Log Analytics workspace named Workspace1.
You need to view the error event from a table named Event.
Which query should you run in Workspace1?
A.Get-Event Event | where {$_.EventType == “error”}
B.Event | search “error” * from Event where EventType == “error”
D.Event | where EventType is “error”
You need to recommend a solution to automate the configuration for the finance department users. The solution must meet the technical requirements.
What should you include in the recommended?
A.Azure AP B2C
B.Azure AD Identity Protection Azure logic app and the Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) client
D.dynamic groups and conditional access policies
You need to meet the technical requirement for VM4.
What should you create and configure? Azure Notification Hub Azure Event Hub Azure Logic App Azure services Bus


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