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5 simple ways to make your botox last longer

Aging happens to be quite a natural phenomenon, but with the growing advances in the cosmetic department, you can have a lot of ways to start feeling younger and brighter all over again. Dealing with the wrinkles and unwanted lines is always a tough job, and that’s where the Rejuvenation NYC botox therapy comes into the picture. No doubt, it is a quick and effective method to make yourself feel healthy and keep glowing. Botox offers the best anti-aging results, and that’s certainly a reason behind its growing popularity. Here are a few ways through which you can make your botox last longer:

Go to an experienced botox administrator.

It is always recommended to visit the best botox in NYC. This is because botox usually requires an appropriate dosage, as well as it is very important to treat it at the correct site of injection – which tends to vary from one patient to another. An experienced administrator will customize your treatment and create a plan that will have long-lasting effects on you.

Don’t exercise immediately

After the skin rejuvenation treatment is done, do not become too expressive immediately. Also, choose not to exfoliate your skin or rub it immediately after botox. Choose to sleep in an elevated position for at least the next 2 nights after the treatment. Else it may result in a crooked smile, facial paralysis, cockeyed eyebrows, or drooping eyelids.

Try not to expose yourself to the Sun.

Premature wrinkles are a cause of excess exposure to the Sun, and if you truly want to refrain your underlying muscles from getting damaged due to this, try to avoid being in the direct sunlight. Also, wear SPF on your hands and neck areas every time you go out. This isn’t just a thing to do for a day. Try to add it to your daily routine, and you will be able to see the results for yourself.

Move only the targeted muscles.

Once you have gone through the process of rejuvenation in NYC, you may choose to grin or frown or be the way you want to! Distribute the botox all across the treatment area, thereby making it last longer!

·        Be calm and patient

In order to reach its full results, it would take up to 7 days. A lot of times, it may take up to a time span of 2-3 weeks too! In case you are thinking of trying it again, wait for at least 6 weeks before you sit for the next round. Using too much of this treatment can give you undesirable results, so just do not try!

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