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7 Examples of Creative Trade Show Marketing Ideas

Trade shows offer a great platform to launch new products in the market, enhance brand visibility, interact and connect with new prospects, and analyze the marketing ideas used by your competitors. If done rightly, participating in trade shows can make you gain multiple benefits for your business. But for this, you need the right marketing strategies that will help you to achieve your objectives every time you attend a trade show or any business event.

To begin with your marketing planning during your next trade show, the very first thing you need is an effective strategy to attract visitors. If you do not have a strong strategy then it can cause the failure of your exhibition stand. Your marketing strategies must create a buzz about your exhibition booth design on the trade show floor among attendees.

Here, we are mentioning some effective marketing tips that will enable you to achieve all your exhibiting goals and objectives during a trade show or exhibition.

1)   Create a buzz

Being an early bird and starting with your marketing much before the actual date of the event will help you in many ways. Focus on promoting your brand a few days before the actual event, will help you to create a buzz among the audience that will tempt them to see what you have to offer at the event. Making people excited about your trade show exhibit Companies appearance will get half of your work done. Some of the best ways to create a buzz are through various social media platforms, writing promotional blogs on your website, and online advertisements. Whatever you prefer for your promotion, ensure that people know about your company before the event.

2)   Engage in Conversation

One of the easiest ways to tell visitors about your product is by handing out pamphlets. The other one is to make demonstrations on how your products can be beneficial and how they work. But with this, you need to make sure that those people pay attention to your product, get convinced and buy that product from you. Make your conversations effective and ensure that you sound natural while being in conversation instead of sounding salesy.

3)   Make use of Social Media

Social Media is the biggest platform today and can help in raising any business. Many brands are now turning to various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and various others to promote their brand. You will get audiences of all age groups on these social platforms in a large amount. All you need is to use effective posts and techniques to attract people to see what you have to offer. Creativity is the key to fulfilling your marketing goals through social media platforms.

4)   Have Trained Staff

No matter how hard you worked to have a big trade show displays las vegas you built for the event, and how loud your marketing techniques were, in the end, it’s your trade show booth staff who will interact with visitors and decide on how effective your trade is show appearance was. If you don’t have trained staff at your trade show booth then be ready for the doom of your trade show booth. This is why it is crucial to have well-trained trade show booth staff that can answer the questions of visitors with confidence and satisfy their confusion and doubts.

5)   Don’t forget Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free stuff? No one, literally no one. Giveaways are an integral part of marketing techniques. But don’t just give anything just for the sake of offering a giveaway. Giveaways can make a huge impact on how people perceive your brand later in the show. Hence, instead of choosing something like a pen, or a mug, think of something creative that makes visitors remember your brand even after the event. This will serve the real purpose of giveaways, making people remember your brand.

6)   Provide a good photo-opp

By having a photo opportunity, you can encourage visitors to take a selfie or picture and post it online. If you incorporate inexpensive props into your trade show booth, you’ll gain free marketing. You’ll also end up with a booth that would be fun and interactive for your attendees. If you opt for this technique then ensure to display your brand’s hashtag or brand logo where it will be captured in their photos. Also, during the event, employ someone from your team to respond online to visitors that post about you.

7) Make your trade show booth interactive

Ask your trade show booth designer and builder how you can incorporate interactive elements throughout your trade show booth. One unique approach to use in your trade show booth is to install interactive flooring that reacts as visitors walk across it. You can use it to build an interactive environment that links to your branding making a huge impact on visitors. Make sure to use something they want to stick around, giving your sales team the perfect chance to engage them.




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