Epson communication Error mac

A complete process to fix the printer error on Mac

You may encounter connection errors that may occur with your Epson printer. Epson printer connection errors can occur for various reasons, from damaged cables to the use of outdated interfaces on USB cables. Therefore, it will display the error “The wrong device was selected.”

If you need more information on how to fix it, here’s how to fix the Epson communication error mac. By reading this article, you can find out the cause of the Epson connection error, what kind of error this is, and how you can get rid of it without the help of an expert.

Why Do you Have Connection Errors on My Epson Printer?

  • Communication errors with Epson printers can be due to very small things.
  • This may be due to a defective cable at both ends.
  • The Epson Wireless Printer may have a network problem.
  • A problem with the printer hardware may be the cause of this error.
  • An outdated printer driver is the ultimate cause of the problem.

Types of connection errors in Epson printers

If you investigate the cause of Epson communication errors, you can see that two main types of Epson communication errors occur frequently. They are described as:

If your Epson printer does not have a power indicator, this is the first type of error.

How Can you Fix Epson Printer Connection Errors?

Several steps can be taken to resolve the connection error without the support of our team of experts. You can also check the power supply, ensure the connection is successful, and reinstall the printer driver.

Microsoft Office documents

Do you want to print an Excel form? For this, you can use the Print selection option. Make your spreadsheet adjust to A4 size, reduce the margins, change its orientation (portrait or landscape), etc.

The same goes for Word documents or word processing files. It is possible to choose the pages to print.

Photos and pictures

To print your photos and images saved on your PC, right-click directly on them, then on Print. You can also select multiple photos together.

Fix paper jam

Paper jams are a fairly common problem. Open the input tray and carefully remove the jammed sheet to unblock your printer. The paper absorbs moisture. It is recommended to store your pack of sheets in a plastic bag.

Prefer thin paper. Most home printers are not compatible with sheets heavier than 200 g/m 2 (for photos). Therefore, it will be impossible for you to print postcards or greeting cards, as they are too thick and rigid.

Check the power supply.

The power light may not be lit due to a non-contact connection failure with the Epson printer. This problem is very common and is caused by the accidental connection of the power cord to the adapter or power source.

To resolve this issue, make sure the power source is present.

This section indicates that this problem may occur if the printer power cord is not connected properly, the power switch has a malfunction, or the printer has a power failure. This issue should not occur if you have used the above solution.

The reasons behind this problem can be several factors. This will help you learn how to fix Epson printer connection errors. Follow the setup instructions to reconfigure the desktop on your Epson printer, ensuring all steps are performed correctly.

  • Use the USB cable for the old interface

You may need to connect an Epson printer with an older version of the USB interface cable. An Epson communication error is possible. To resolve this issue, use a compatible USB 1.1 interface cable or a USB 2.0 interface cable to connect the printer to the desktop.

  • Create system memory for document management

Epson communication errors can also occur when you try to print data at a very high resolution. Try reducing the size and explanation of the document you are printing.

This section will find the cause and solution of the problem if the power light is on and the Epson printer does not print anything despite commands from the desktop.

Troubleshooting Your Epson Printer

You can troubleshoot printer errors to address Epson communication error messages such as “Epson printer connection error, the wrong product may have been selected.” Then you can run the troubleshooting tool.

  • Click Start Menu
  • Type PC Repair or Troubleshooter in the search field.
  • Select an Epson printer to solve the problem.
  • You must restart the printer after performing the above steps. Please download the Reset button first.
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Perform the “RESET” button to correct the communication error in the Epson printer. Hopefully, the Epson printer error will disappear.


If the Epson printer does not scan for connection errors, this usually happens when the cable is defective, or there is insufficient power. After reading this article, you also learned about the causes of Epson communication error mac and how to fix them at home without technical support.

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