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A mesmerizing experience Bhandardara camping


Bhandardara is a photo perfect hill station settled within the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the state of Maharashtra. the splendid forests, the roaring waterfalls, and also the majestic mountains create this place the final word vacation spot for town inhabitants. Assail a dam 117 kilometers far away from Bombay, Bhandardara is an idyllic location providing broad views to all or any tourists. It’s situated within the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and might be simply accessed through an expansive network of roadways.

Small administrative districtjam-choked

The small administrative district is jam-choked with an excess of daring attractions with the most effective trekking tours in Bhandardara topping the charts. If you’re sky-high inclined and searching for a few explorative expertise, there are unit unlimited trekking tours here, starting from a straightforward to a hard-hitting climb. Mt. Kalsubai is the highest peak of the purple Sahyadri ranges. Famous because of the “Everest of Maharashtra”, this majestic peak is a noted trekking destination, providing commanding views of the Bhandardara dam and alternative near forts.


It is located in Ratanwadi, attiny low village high in the Bhandardara.  You’ll be able to conjointly enjoy the most effective trekking tours in Bhandardara to Harishchandragad Fort to relish ostentatious views or follow the paths that result in Ajoba peaks to satiate your journey pangs in Bhandardara.

Bhandardara trek

The trek is sort of tough and it attracts throngs of tourists well-rounded the year. You’ll be able to conjointly realize artificial stairs leading your way to the highest, just in case you are doing not want to trek. You’ll be able to visit the Kalsubai temple situated at the highest of the summit and provide prayers to the native god. Captured by the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in his time, this princely fort with placing design could be a treat to the eyes.


The campgrounds are at Bhandardara that is within the interiors of Maharashtra and one of the darkest spots in our state with the smallest amount of sunshine pollution you’ll witness the darkest night sky potential. One might even see the galaxy with their naked eyes and spot varied stars and galaxies that area unit ne’er visible from town. For all astrophotography lovers, you’ll be ready to take some killer star-trails and galaxy footage. . Within the morning relax within the boat ride around the lake. Bhandardara Hill station close to Bombay is incredibly common among travelers trying to find a soothing weekend. 

Best time to visit:

Bhandardara throughout winters ranges from fourteen degrees to twenty-four degrees. It’ll be windy throughout the night. Throughout summer it’ll be hot throughout the day and cold throughout the night. Throughout the monsoon, it rains heavily and there’ll fog-covered hills. While the pre-monsoon season needs the recognizing of many fireflies. The monsoons and winters provide trekking and tenting opportunities . Bhandardara’s multitude of crystal clear streams and waterfalls, fishing, and water travel create it an attraction for tourists all year.

Why it’s an essential visit:

Sandhan valley is one of the best canyons within the Sahyadri mountain ranges. It’s an awfully smart combination of a canon and a natural depression. Situated within the Nagar district, close to the noted fort Ratangad. Sandhan’s natural depression is beyond question The natural depression of Suspense. Walking through the slender streak of natural depression with three hundred-foot rock walls . Each the edges could be a lifespan experience. A down full Sandhan valley is often an unforgettable outing . The nightlong keep beneath the sparkling sky, on the reservoir facet, could be a sweet cherry on the cake.


The gorgeous body of water is located amidst the luscious leaf of the Sahyadri Hills. Down from a height of five hundred feet. The force of the water falling on the naturally placed circular rocks . The visual impression of associate ‘Umbrella’ and therefore the term, “Umbrella Waterfalls”.



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