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A Mesmerizing Experience Mullayanagiri Trek


The Western Ghats are hypnotizing no doubt and anybody with an adoration for the outside will more than discover their fill of experience here. Extending right from Gujarat to Tamil Nadu, it additionally covers Karnataka. What’s more, probably the best experience to encounter is the Mullayanagiri Trek. 

The culmination offers breathtaking perspectives on the green Western Ghats and causes you to feel like you’re large and in charge. 


About Mullayanagiri 

Think about the most elevated pinnacle of Karnataka and why it is so acclaimed. 

Mullayanagiri is Karnataka’s most noteworthy pinnacle. It’s essential for Baba Budangiri Hills of Chikmagalur taluk and ascends 6,330 feet. It gets its name from a burial place at the culmination that is committed to Mulappa Swamy, a blessed man who’s said to have contemplated in caverns close by. Similar caverns are possessed by bats and can be investigated. 

Mullayanagiri Trek Details 

From elevation to length to travel distance, discover all the fundamental insights concerning the Mullayanagiri journey here: 

Ideal span: 

3 hours 

Trouble level: 

Easy to direct 

Greatest height: 

6,330 feet 

Mullayanagiri Trek distance: 

3-4 kilometers 

Mullayanagiri Trek Route: 

Sarpadhari – Mullayanagiri 

Mullayanagiri is quite possibly the most well known traveling destination in Karnataka as it’s genuinely simple to do and the landscape is breathtaking. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to propel yourself, the Mullayanagiri Trek can be made additional testing by wandering farther into Baba Budangiri Hills. This will give you an additional 10 kilometers or so of journeying. 

The most effective method to Get Here from Bangalore 

There are a few different ways to get to the beginning stage of Sarpadhari. Those hoping to design their Mullayanagiri Trek from Bangalore can do as such by taking an overnight KSRTC transport from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. You can likewise select to drive yourself by going from Bangalore to Hassan, on to Belur lastly, Chikmagalur. A backup course of action is to go to Tumkur then to Arsikere, Kadur, and Chikmagalur. 

Best Time to Visit Mullayanagiri 

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Mullayanagiri is from September to April. The cold weather months are a great period since temperatures range somewhere in the range of 14o and 32oC. On the off chance that you need to see the Western Ghats wake up, notwithstanding, go during the storm which is from June to September. It’s washed in rich shades of green with mist making a demeanor of secret. 

If you are in Bangalore you can also see Nandi hills camping.

Mullayanagiri Trek Itinerary 

See whether you ought to do the short journey or an all-encompassing long one. 

The Mullayanagiri journey in Chikmagalur can be finished in only a couple of hours; however there’s more you can do to enhance your excursion. You can investigate Baba Budangiri Hills which is around 12 kilometers away and take in Manikyadhara Falls that is around 9 kilometers away. Attempt to visit the Deviramma Temple as well, which is found a little more than 10 kilometers away. 

The Mullayanagiri Trek can be spread over more than two days if you intend to journey to these spots. You ought to think about booking a visit to benefit from the experience. The Mullayanagiri Trek costs a reasonable INR 3,500 or so, inclusive of transportation from Bangalore and back, convenience, dinners, a guide and allowances. 

In case you’re going as a feature of a visit gathering and plan to camp, for the time being, your excursion will begin promptly toward the beginning of the day. Be that as it may, you can go whenever during the day on the off chance that you don’t plan to camp as there are no limitations on Mullayanagiri Trek timings. The region is open for the day.




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