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Anthropology Optional for UPSC – 21st August | Eden IAS

One of the most popular optional subjects is Anthropology. And if you are wondering why then lend your ears to Dr. Suresh Gurramkonda.

Who has been teaching Anthropology optional at Eden IAS for the past 5 years:

  1. The syllabus for Anthropology often overlaps with other GS papers. In addition to that, it is pretty well-defined.
  2. This subject is not dynamic but static in nature.
  3. This subject has clear and more glamorous scoring prospects. As per the past trends, about 45% of the aspirants who make it to the holy PDF have Anthropology as their optional. In addition to that, some accredit their optional for being the ultimate game changer and for letting them in.
  4. The success rate of candidates with anthropology optional for UPSC is very high. Hence, aspirants get inspired and try to pick Anthropology only as their optional.
  5. There is an ocean of study material for Anthropology.

Now, how to study this option in the best manner possible to score well?


Study Anthro. in Eden’s way

Experts believe that only Anthropology answer writing can make you get through this anthropology optional for upsc.

If you write in the best possible manner, you will be marked in the best possible manner, making you the best amongst the rest.

In order to help students excel in this subject, Eden IAS has rolled out a 10-week-long anthropology answer writing.

Four questions are attempted every day by students with Suresh sir’s guidance.

The questions belong to topics written down in this comprehensive schedule.

It will be mentored by Dr. Suresh Gummakonda sir who is known for his exceptional command over the subject and ever-smiling face.

Dr. Suresh has a teaching experience of 5 years and will teach you an effective strategy for answer writing.

For more, Read: Anthropology Optional for UPSC – The Best Optional to Choose

Under this anthropology answer writing course, guided mentorship will be provided for answer writing along with micro-level revision through chapter-wise reading.

You will be able to complete all the concepts via the micro-level revision, there will be real-time exam practice from the beginning.

And best of all, one will learn how to manage time effectively while writing thoughtful, well-structured, and logically conclusive answers.

I strongly advice you to join Eden IAS for your better preparation and a well planned strategy.

In addition to that, daily tests will be taking place. About 40 micro-sectional tests will be taken under which both Paper-I & Paper-II are covered.

This is followed by one full-length syllabus mock test. Eden IAS provides crisp, compiled, and intensively comprehensive content during anthropology optional classes for UPSC which is curated by Dr. Suresh. Students, subsequently, get a big picture of different study material.

This course is apt for all those UPSC CSE aspirants who are self-studying and require some help with answer writing as well as those who will be appearing for the examination next year since this will give them a detailed bureau of the syllabus.

So, without wasting more time, hurry up and grab this anthropology optional online coaching.

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