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Buy Bandage Boxes Online

Whether you’re planning a trip to the hospital or just want a new box for your bandages, there are plenty of options to choose from when you Buy Bandage Boxes Online. These boxes will prepare you for any situation, from varying sizes to metal-detectable options.

You can also buy a variety pack, including a wide variety of bandages in one custom packaging box.

Bandage tins

The bandage tin is iconic. It has served as a staple of the American household from the Jazz Age to the early 1990s. While it’s most famous for its use as a bandage, it also served many other purposes. Many people still have a collection of bandage tins and keep them for various occasions. The benefits of custom imprinted tins are many, but here are some of them:

OurTONE(TM) bandages are available in stores and online. Johnson & Johnson uses this brand to empower the next generation of Black healthcare providers. The tins come in three different shades of brown, giving people of color more choices. These company-sponsored efforts support various initiatives, including Our Race to Health Equity, which focuses on ensuring access to quality medical supplies for all.

The BAND-AID(r) Brand Adhesive Bandages tins look straight out of the Mad Men era. The tins are square and have illustrated instructions on the lid. The tins with the red, white, and blue stripes are children’s favorites. Buying these tins online allows you to save money while getting quality medical supplies to keep you safe and healthy.

The BAND-AID(r) Brand Adhesive Bandages tins are still an icon of American pop culture.

The iconic bandage tins are essential first aid products that were part of everyday life from the 1920s until the 1990s. In addition to being a part of American culture, the tins were used as storage containers in kitchens, bathrooms, and other small objects.

Welly (r) is a premium flex-fabric bandage brand. This company offers more than 25 unique items, including tins for fingers and toes, first aid kits, and superhero supplies. The bandages come in various sizes and shapes, and the range also includes blister protection and ointments. The bandage tins are portable and available while supplies last. Regardless of what kind of bandage you need, you’ll always have access to a high-quality product at a discounted price.

Metal Detectable Bandages Boxes

Metal Detectable Bandages (MDB) are used in pharmaceutical and food processing facilities. Each bandage contains a metal foil underneath a non-stick pad, which triggers the bandage when it is lost. This makes it easy to find in case of a loss. MDBs are available in dispenser boxes, bulk packs, fingertips, and flexible fabric bandages. These bandages are also easy to reposition and remove if they are lost.

Most manufacturers of self-adhesive bandages are in a cluttered storage area and may fall off during strenuous jobs. While this isn’t an issue in most industries, it’s an absolute nightmare in the food and manufacturing industries. That’s why metal detectable bandage boxes are necessary for workplace first aid. They make it easy to spot the bandage when it falls off. This makes them essential for the workplace.

Detectable Blue Bandages are blue and come in a variety of sizes

Whether you need a bandage that sticks to the skin or one that won’t sag or come off quickly, the blue strip provides a double layer of protection. The Blue Metal Detectable Bandage is available in both woven and foam varieties. It is also available in a Finger Tip Bandage and a 1″ x 3-inch size.


Latex-free bandage boxes are essential items in your First Aid Kit or cabinet. These boxes contain various bandages, including heavyweight elastic bandages for deep cuts and sprains. Plastic adhesive bandages can easily be opened and applied. They are made to be durable even when they get wet. Here are some examples of latex-free bandage boxes and what they contain. First Aid and Safety Supply’s latex-free adhesive bandages are perfect for first aid needs.

Amelia provides excellent quality personalized packages with 4 color digital and unique printing services.


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