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The excellent benefits of custom cone sleeves

Who doesn’t like ice cream Custom Cone Sleeves? It comes in a fantastic range of flavors and varieties, and cone ice cream is one of them. A cone of ice cream consists of a hardened conical waffle, and on top of that, ice cream is poured stylistically through a dispensing machine. This article will talk about cone sleeves and how it positively impacts your ice-cream Custom Cone Sleeves business. So, let’s begin.

What is a cone sleeve?

A cone sleeve is a wrapper around the waffle and is usually made of butter paper, paper, thin cardboard, aluminum foil, plastic, etc. The vendor inserts the waffle cone in the sleeve and then puts ice cream on the top before giving it to the consumer. A custom cone sleeve is more than a paper covering. It serves many purposes, increasing its usage among ice-cream sellers. Let us bring some excellent benefits of custom cone sleeves that you might not have thought of.

They look beautiful:

We start with the aesthetic benefits of using custom cone sleeves. They look appealing to the eyes because the makers use vibrant colors, playful graphics, and eye-catching imagery to produce them. You could use a plain sleeve, but it won’t catch anybody’s attention and look dull and uninspiring. A colorful custom cone sleeve complements it fantastically for something as delectable as an ice cone.

Custom Cone Sleeves
Custom Cone Sleeves

Custom cone sleeves elevate your ice cone’s profile:

Just like an outfit enhances your personality and gives you a dignified look, custom cone sleeves do the same to the ice cones. An ice cone would look complete with a beautiful custom cone sleeve. Without it, the cone would look as if it lacks something crucial. Even the consumer won’t like to hold a cone without a sleeve.

Increase your brand’s visibility through custom cone sleeves:

A custom cone sleeve makes your ice cream brand more prominent. You will have your business’s logo printed on the ice-cone sleeve. It is there for everyone to see; even if someone is enjoying your ice cone on the go, the passersby will see your logo and begin familiarity with your brand.

There is no shortage of customization options:

Precisely what is it that you want to print on custom cone sleeves? The choices are limitless. We can think of a million things that you can print on custom cone sleeves. Here are some of the stuff that you can print on custom cone sleeves that will also benefit your ice cream business;

Print the ice cone’s ingredients and their nutritional value.

Colorful cartoon and comic characters to entice kids

Contemporary pop culture references

Fun or exciting ice-cream facts

A joke or a funny anecdote

Benefits of eating ice cones

Comparing ice cream with other desserts

The idea is to make the wrapper appear welcoming to its target market, and they should enjoy their ice-cone experience by seeing what’s written on the sleeves.

Custom cone sleeves protect the ice cones:

The purpose of having a sleeve is not just an aesthetic one. It also serves some hardcore practical purposes. Among them is the provision of protection for the waffle cone and ice cream. Having a cover around the cone keeps elements like dust and insects away from it. You also make it easier for the customer to hold the ice cone. Sometimes it gets so cold that it becomes difficult to hold the cone. So, the cone’s sleeve helps the matter.

Storage becomes easy with custom cone-sleeves:

Custom cone sleeves are made with good quality material that amply supports the ice cone. Consequently, it becomes easier for retailers and end-users to store the ice cone in their freezers. Even if you eat part of it or store it in its complete form, the sleeves make it easier to keep it intact without damaging its waffle.

Customize the sleeves according to your clientele:

It is another great advantage of custom cone-sleeves; you can customize them according to your client base. For example, you can have separate sleeves for children, adults, women, etc. You can distinguish them with colors, imagery, designs, etc. The users will find it interesting and may even pick custom cone sleeves according to their preference. It may even prompt a sales frenzy where the buyers will buy your cones because of their wrappers more than the cone itself.

Finding a factory to produce custom cone sleeves:

There may be hundreds of factories producing custom cone sleeves, but choosing the right one can be challenging. You can search online or among your friends who may know a good factory for producing the cone sleeves.

Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory that has been producing custom boxes for a long time. It also makes very high-quality custom donut boxes. You will love the variety of designs it offers at a very reasonable price. The factory is aware of the latest print add-ons like etching, embossing, debossing, UV spot printing, stamp foiling, soft, shiny, metallic, or matte finishing, and other techniques. You can avail its services with complete confidence and authority.


That is all of the fantastic benefits of custom cone sleeves. We bet from now on; that you will look at cone sleeves differently. They are capable of doing so many good things for your business. That is why more and more companies are switching to custom boxes for packing their products.



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