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Does Your Male Dog Need To Breed? – Facts To Know

Breeding is an activity that males and females of all species will eventually want to do. It is a natural process that will come naturally to all sexually active beings. Therefore, your pets like cats and dogs are no strangers to this concept too.

However, breeding can be a hassle if you don’t have the space to keep a baby dog in the house.

On the other hand, it can also be difficult to breed your male dog if there are no female dogs around. This is possible more in the case of rarer breeds. It is such because it can get difficult to find a female dog of the same breed.

Therefore, to understand why a male dog needs to breed, continue reading this article.

Why Do Male Dogs Need To Mate?

All living beings are born on this planet to find a suitable partner and mate with each other to reproduce. This is the way animals can ensure that their kind lives on, and so does their legacy.

Therefore, you can say that the wish to mate and breed with others of the same species is natural. It is a natural instinct that every dog will have and they will want to satisfy it.

If this urge to mate is not fulfilled, they will try to do so by hook or crook. This is a behavioral symptom that will happen with your male dog once they reach a certain age.

If male dogs don’t breed, then they will not be able to release the stored sperm cells in their testicles. If they do not ejaculate their sperms, they will get irritated and show signs of sexual tension and frustration.

Signs Your Male Dog Wants To Mate

When your male dogs come of age, they will give out many tell-tale signs that they are ready to mate. A male dog typically gets ready to mate by the time they are two years of age. These signs are:

Dry Humping

You will often see male dogs trying to dry hump random objects or people on a frequent basis. This may include pillars, the stands of your tables and bed, and any object that stands straight and erect. Your dog might also occasionally do this to you or any other human by trying to hump their legs.

If you see signs like this, it means that your male dog has reached the age of sexual maturity. Therefore you must start planning steps to mate your male dog before it becomes more agitated. 

Territorial Marking

Territorial marketing is a common process that stray male dogs do to mark their territory. Here, the male dogs will pee at random walls and doorsteps of your house to mark their territory.

Male dogs that are not neutered will do this often so that they can relieve their stress and frustration. This arises either because it is not able to mate, or because they are not uncomfortable with a new dog in the house.

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What Is The Male Dog Mating Process?

When your male dog is ready to mate, you must get them to the breeding center immediately. Or, you can contact other people who have female dogs of the same breed and are around the same age.

However, the entire process can be simplified into a few steps that most breeders follow to the core. These steps are:

Health Check

The first step is to check the health of your dog. Going to a vet to get a health check-up is necessary before you decide to let your male dog mate. It is important for you to know if your dog has any underlying diseases or not. 

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Signing Paperworks

When two dogs mate, typically an agreement is signed between the owners of the two dogs. This is necessary because when a puppy is born, the owners need to ensure who gets the dog. Therefore, the signing of paperwork acts as a form of an agreement that dictates the ownership of the new puppies. 

Stud Preparationṣ

Stud preparation refers to the process of getting your male dog to get his marting game up to eleven. This is necessary because both the dogs actually need to like each other to ensure that mating is possible between the two. This is because the male dog needs to be attractive and intelligent enough to make the bitch actually be interested in him as a mating partner. 

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Male dogs typically will get the urge to breed after they have hit puberty. This happens when they are around two years of age. Therefore, you must ensure that they are ready for their mating game when the time comes.

Your male dog is ready to breed when they start dry humping. Also, before you get your male dog to breed, make sure they get a health check-up and also sign the necessary paperwork with the female dog owner as well before breeding them.

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