Effective tips to Study General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

General awareness is the most scoring section of the competitive exams. Because you don’t need to solve the questions of general awareness with pen or paper as other sections require. Neglecting the importance of the general awareness section can push you away from your dream. Moreover, if you have decided to prepare for this section at the end of your preparations then please don’t do this. Because you can’t learn about important issues and events of one year in just one month. Hence, preparing for this section on a regular basis is a must. This article will shed light on the importance of general awareness and tips to improve your knowledge of general awareness.

Every year, the majority of candidates usually apply for bank and SSC  exams. If you also belong to this group then gaining knowledge on general awareness is mandatory for you. Please notice that there are around lakhs of aspirants like you who are preparing for these exams. So don’t let a minor mistake push you away from your goal. Putting in grueling and sincere efforts will make you crack the competitive exams.  However, seeking help from the finest source that provides bank coaching can enhance the productivity of your preparations.

We have mentioned some helpful tips to study general awareness for competitive exams. 

  • Read a prominent newspaper

Reading a prominent newspaper such as The Hindu can help you prepare well for the general awareness section. Reading random newspapers is not a good idea. Only sticking to some prominent newspaper can give a fruitful result to you. You can get access to these newspapers on some websites. It is mandatory to spend some time reading a newspaper daily. Well, there is a technique for studying the newspaper. You are advised to learn only the important topic relevant to your competitive exams. You can skip irrelevant topics while reading a newspaper. Moreover, keep all the important portions of the newspapers in an organized manner in your room so that you can access them easily during revision. Furthermore, having acquaintance with general awareness can help you ace the interview round of the exam. If you want more guidance on the SSC exams then don’t hesitate to link with the finest platform that provides SSC coaching.


  • Watch some prominent news channel

Watching some prominent news channels can help you brush up your knowledge on general awareness. You can watch RSTV, NDTV, LKTV, or BBC on a daily basis. Furthermore, these channels often telecast some shows on new innovations such as science monitor. Naturally, this will make you stay updated on new technologies. Even many experts often advise other aspirants to dedicate some time to these channels. Moreover, this will also increase your ability to understand spoken English that further will help you in the interview round of the competitive exams.


  • Improve your static GK

Static GK means some things or facts that never change in the future. Dedicating some time to get knowledge of static GK is a must. We are learning the static GK since our childhood. But competitive exams demand a stronghold over static GK. This includes the Indian Economy, Awards and honors, Countries and their currency, Physical Geography, Everyday Science, Countries and their capital, Important days, List of cabinet ministers, etc. You can read on these topics in your own interesting style. To enhance your knowledge of general awareness, you can seek help from an institution that provides bank coaching.


  • Use technology wisely

Mobile phones can work as a parcel in which you can carry your notes that you can read in your free time. Moreover, stuff your phone with competitive exams preparation apps. Downloading some current affairs apps can help you gain elaborative knowledge on some important issues.  Moreover, playing quizzes will help you revise the concepts efficiently. But for practicing mock tests, you are advised to choose a laptop. Because this will make you feel as if you are really giving a competitive exam. Moreover, some apps such as notion, obsidian, Evernote, etc. can help you prepare some effective colorful notes. Also, you can also download some efficient newspapers on your smartphone.


  • Magazines or news analysis

Well, reading a newspaper on a daily basis is a challenge that many aspirants find difficult. Instead of reading a newspaper, you can read a monthly magazine that can provide a summary on important issues and events that happened last month. Many working professionals who are preparing for the competitive exams often take help from such magazines. Moreover, if you have no time to read the whole newspaper then you can read news analysis. They can provide you with a summary of the important events on a daily basis. You can read Pratiyogita Darapan, Yozana, etc. to stay updated on current affairs.


  • Solve mock tests

Mock tests can help a candidate in accessing his performance. Moreover, solving these mock tests on a regular basis can also help you reduce the level of anxiety during competitive exams. The mock tests are designed on the basis of the real format of the exam. Naturally, this will make you give your best in the competitive exam. To redefine your knowledge, you can solve at least two mock tests a week.

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Some students who don’t love reading will consider preparing for this section as the biggest challenge. But performing well in the section of general awareness can help you get shortlisted for the next round. Taking help from the above-mentioned points can help you ace the section on general awareness.

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