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Ethics class for Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Looking for a good Ethics class for UPSC? I suppose Eden IAS is what you are looking for. Therein, you can opt for the “Ethics Foundation Course” by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, the jewel in the crown of Eden IAS. 

Why emphasize on Ethics foundation coaching?

It is believed that one of the most tactical and high-scoring papers of UPSC CSE. Is the General Studies-IV (GS-IV) i.e Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude, popularly known as the Ethics paper? Mentors who have been keeping a close eye on this paper often remark, “Ethics is your key to the merit list”. You require a minimum of 125 to beat. The cut-throat competition out there and make it to the list of the interview round.

But in recent years, UPSC has come up. With such dynamic questions making the student underperform in GS-IV which becomes detrimental for him/her to crack UPSC CSE. As a result, expert guidance is require in this particular paper. With faculty like Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, you can seek the best guidance on Ethics ever.

All that you should know about this course

Bestowed with exceptional command over the subject and excellent interpersonal skills, Tirthankar sir takes Ethics class for UPSC in an easy-to-grasp and interesting quadrangular-manner:

  • Understanding the theories,
  • Grasping the portion on “Thinkers and Thoughts”,
  • Going through a minimum of 10 case studies and,
  • Deciphering the technical terms of the subject known as the Ethics terminology.

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Booklets are provided that cover the basic terminology, and views of political thinkers along with multiple case studies.

Be it Ethics and the human interface or Hedonism, be it meta-ethics or consequentialism, each. One of these topics is cover in the class via full discussion and comprehensive class notes. For a subject as technical as Ethics, tests play a very important role in testing how much you are able to grasp. Hence, sectional tests are taken in this Ethics class for UPSCin the subsequent classes follow by mock tests. 

But what about UPSC CSE Previous Year Questions (PYQ) Analysis? As per the recent trend, it has been spotte that UPSC tends to repeat a question or two directly or indirectly. And Eden IAS makes a positive contribution in this very aspect by laying special emphasis on PYQs. Roy sir takes several classes in which he discusses in detail the PYQs. He also does a trend analysis. In which the pattern of Ethics questions being ask previously is analyz and then probable questions from the same topics or themes. That can be ask by UPSC are discusse. 

On a whole, this course covers each and every aspect of GS-IV increasing. The confidence as well as the ability to perform well in the Mains examination. Henceforth, there is no iota of doubt that Ethics is made “easy” with the Ethics book for upsc of Eden IAS. 

 Without wasting any more time, go and grab a seat in Roy sir’s Ethics Foundation course and score more than 125 in your GS-IV easily. Hurry up!

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