Fur Problems In Chinchillas

Fur Problems In Chinchillas

Chinchillas can make great pets due to their perky and charming attitudes.  Their primary characteristic, however, would be that silky, lush, and soft fur.  Their coats are thick, adapted specifically for their natural habitat, South America’s Andes Mountains.  It is unfortunate that when chinchillas are kept as pets, they could be vulnerable to various conditions that might harm their beautiful fur.  If you have an understanding of what your pet’s proper fur care and grooming requirements are, you could keep pet chinchillas healthy and happy with great-looking fur coats.

Excessive shedding:  Chinchillas can be nervous pets.  Yes, a little shedding is quite normal, but if stressed heavily, these critters might excessively lose fur.  Try moving your chinchilla’s enclosure to a location that is more peaceful and fosters a comfortable environment so that your pet can be as stress-free as possible.

Weak and wavy fur:  Should your pet’s fur easily break or become wavy, this might be an indicator that there are some deficiencies in their diets and perhaps excessive protein intake.  A chinchilla’s normal diet includes leaves, grass, and other similar plant matter.  Should your pet eat a lot of protein, and slowly modify (to avoid digestive issues) the diet to correct fur issues?

Any skin and/or hair coat issue exhibited by your pet should warrant an appointment with your vet clinic San Antonio, TX.

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