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Get to know VPN and its Functions

In this modern era, our lives are increasingly inseparable from technology. Almost every day you definitely use internet services from your gadget. Surfing the internet even though it is easy, but also has risks. During surfing, you send special information either voluntarily or automatically. Well, this data can be easily viewed by third parties. Even cases of leaked information often run lately.

With a VPN or Virtual Private Network, there is no one solution for the security of your data while surfing the internet. VPNs have actually become widely used by technology users for various functions. What exactly is a VPN and how does it work? Check out the following information because you may need it too much.

So, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But surely knowing the length still doesn’t answer the question. VPN is useful for maintaining your security while in cyberspace. Why do we need security when surfing in cyberspace? Well, the internet is basically a place where users, consciously or not (automatically), share personal information and information.

Internet service providers (ISPs) keep information and data open freely as long as you surf the internet. The data obtained is usually able to be opened by third parties—which allows you to get product advertisements from your search history. In addition to advertising, your data is also vulnerable to illegal actions by irresponsible people. Special information can be easily obtained by people who know how to get it.

Now with a VPN, you will get a special connection so that the data sent to and received from the internet can be safer and more secure. VPN is like a filter fence for you and the web sites or services that are opened while surfing the internet. But apart from security reasons, people are now using VPNs for a variety of other reasons. Here are more than one function and advantage of using a VPN:

Security—prevents other people or third parties from opening online data, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Privacy—protects real identity by hiding your IP Address and location when opening with a VPN server.

Freedom—allowing a person to access internet services that are restricted or censored by the government. Another main reason, users are able to open internet services that are not available or limited in their country, such as online streaming services that have different programs between countries.

WFH—many companies use VPN so that their employees can work remotely and open company data and business transactions can run more safely and efficiently.

How Do VPNs Work?

To provide additional security services and freedom of internet access, a VPN becomes a provider of a certain bridge or tunnel for your device connection.

When connecting a gadget with a VPN, the gadget connection will be connected to a certain connection by the VPN instead of with your internet provider service.

The existence of this particular connection causes the data you send to the internet to be sent through the VPN, not directly from your gadget. The tunnel created by this VPN is useful for filtering, sending and receiving only data needed to access internet services.

In addition, through this tunnel the VPN will convert your data into a code sequence that cannot be opened before being sent to its destination. It is also known along with encryption so that external parties cannot be aware of its contents.

VPNs are also able to hide the user’s real identity by “changing” the IP address. When connecting the gadget with a VPN, the user can determine whether he wants to use the IP address of which country is available in the VPN.

That way, your connection will be recognized as a connection from another country and you can open services that are blocked by the government or open streaming services that are not available in your home country.

VPN can be opened together with any gadget: smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer; together with any OS: Android, Windows, Mac OS, or iOS and does not interfere with the performance of the gadget. This is because the VPN works as a background app.

The way to use a VPN in your online activities is quite easy. Here’s the guide:

Choose a VPN service

Choose one that is safe, reliable, and suitable for your needs. You can find out by searching for information on Google or Youtube.



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