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Gokarna beach trek – Where the mountains meet the ocean


We began our day at Honnavar, roughly 50 kilometres from Gokarna. The goal was to arrive at our Gokarna hotel by noon, eat lunch, and then begin the trek. We arrived far ahead of schedule. The drive was gorgeous, and the roads were well-kept. We came across a variety of landscapes after arriving there, and I couldn’t help but take some photos to capture the magnificence of the place.

A tiny pond close to where we were staying.


We began our hike after eating lunch. Our beach accommodation was close to Gokarna beach. The most common route for the Gokarna trek was Kudle -> Om -> Half Moon -> Paradise, according to most blogs. We attempted to go a little further and began our journey from Gokarna beach proper, rather than Kudle. This extra section, on the other hand, rewarded us with breathtaking coastal cliff vistas. We started from Gokarna beach and traveled through Gokarna beach to Kudle. We took a short climb to the hill that overlooks both Gokarna and Kudle beach after passing through the first checkpoint. We came discovered a little temple on this short hike


Kudle to Gokarna beach


We headed towards Kudle after spending around 5-10 minutes at the location. From here, we had to climb the stairwell on the hill to the left of the temple. Kudle beach can be reached by following a well-marked trail. From behind the mountain, you can access this trail. We were a little high on excitement, so we left the route and headed straight up the hill. 


We were in fantastic condition until we started climbing. But as soon as we reached the top, the magnificence of what we saw in front of us astounded us. This was a rocky outcropping with a view of the sea. I’d never seen such panoramic vistas of the city before.


We arrived across the cliff view of the shore after walking for another 1 km. It was much more magnificent this time because the cliff was split in two by a steep walkway that led straight down to the beach. This section of the journey appeared to be a green portal leading to the Earth’s core. The problem with this hike is that there are so many green and breathtaking views of the hills and coastline that you’ll run out of adjectives to describe it. That is why I took so many photos so that they could speak for themselves.


Beach om


Following that, we drove straight to Kudle Beach with no stops in between. On the route, we met some locals who told us that while the Kudle to Om walk isn’t particularly spectacular, the Om to Half Moon hike is one you shouldn’t miss. Following their advice, we arrived at Kudle swiftly and got a ride to Om beach rather than trudging the entire distance. The reason for this was due to the lowering sun. The journey from Om to Half Moon was a little perilous, and many warned us against doing it in the dark.


The trail from Om to Half Moon


We started walking slowly and gradually towards the end of that lovely route. On one side of this incredible stretch, there was the sea, and on the other, a steep mountain. A verdant carpet of grass covers each of these. We went a little further before realizing the path was obstructed by overgrowth and returned to the stretch with breathtaking views.


On our way back to Om, we stopped at a gas station. We returned to Om beach after enjoying the views and had a fantastic meal at the Om beach cafe. It’s a well-known cafe in Gokarna, and the food there is very excellent. We also tried their specials and were pleased with everything they had to offer.


We retired to our beds near Gokarna beach after dinner to prepare for the next day’s travel back to Bangalore. It’s a big difference between imagining a situation and experiencing it immediately in front of your eyes. How to get in touch:

Mangalore is 238 kilometers away, and Bengaluru is 483 kilometers away. It is located between the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers on the Arabian Sea’s Karwar coast.


  • There are buses to Gokarna, however, I would recommend driving to this lovely city because the roads are rather scenic.


  • Accommodations in Gokarna start at 2,000 rupees per night. The accommodations are largely on the beach and provide beautiful views throughout.

If you are in Bangalore you can also visit Shilhaandara Resort as it is one of the amazing resort of Bangalore

Things to bring: 


  • Sandals are appropriate for a beach excursion. Even though it is a long trip, you may feel like wading in the water at points. You’ll want to wear sandals instead of shoes on those occasions.


  • Bottles of water Even if there are plenty of shacks where you can buy water bottles, it’s still a good idea to bring your own.


  • Batteries for your camera and a power bank.


With all the things listed above, your trip will be a wonderful one.




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