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Handheld with NYXI Gaming has seen a boom in the last decade especially in this Pandemic as it’s now a full-fledged highly rewarding competitive sport because it is engaging, fun, and brings out the creative genius from inside. But gaming wasn’t easy from the beginning.

Only PC or Consoles were capable of playing intensive games, but they had several

disadvantages like adding bulk, near impossible to carry elsewhere, required cables,

dongles, internet connection, were outrageously expensive plus games needed to be

purchased separately. However, the advent of handheld devices like mobile/switch and their

subsequent technologies have paved the way for portable gaming. Now, these devices have

become a global phenomenon due to their lightweight, compact yet powerful performance.


NYXI has been a leader in the gaming accessories business, particularly in NYXI switch

controllers, and NYXI Joypad. They are delighted to bring the exceptional quality gaming

experience to a large audience and their mission is to provide controllers that are catered

to the needs of gamers and games alike. With shipments spanning 220 countries and

websites in the U.S., Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East,

customers can receive their orders in the fastest time.

Let’s take a closer look at what products and accessories NYXI is hyping about:


NYXI Transparent Style Wireless Joy-pad with 8 colors LED:

The NYXI Transparent Style Wireless Joy-pad was created with gamers in mind. It features

a built-in 6-axis gyro which is crucial for racing games as it helps in turning, drifting and

speed throttle coupled with somatosensory movement you won’t have to worry about

positioning and lag anymore. Your switch will remain connected with just a button, no need

for every time connection with the switch. What’s a gaming device without RGB lightning?

The Joy-Con controller comes with 8 color and rainbow LED lights, giving you the perfect

gaming atmosphere and feel. With a Built-in 500 mAh battery, playing time covers 8 hours

with standby of over 20 hours. Bigger buttons and joystick are great for avoiding accidental

presses along with sensational haptic feedback.  Use the NYXI gaming coupon code and

save $20 plus 10% off on Easter Sale.

NYXI  Ice Cracking Style Wireless Switch Pro Controller:

The NYXI Ice Cracking Style Wireless Switch Pro Controller has a unique style and

statement with an uncommon surface coating that is pretty hard to match. They say that

each controller goes through a series of rigorous inspection process that ensures that

each of the controllers is joyful yet sturdy in handling. High compatibility and wireless

connection make it easier to pair and play whichever game you like without having to worry

about stutter or lag. With turbo function and precise motion control games have never

been this fun and accurate. You can customize switch controllers with any button to adjust

the turbo speed to fit different games. With 4 precise levels of vibration from 0/30/75/100,

you should be able to feel the game and can also record the wonderful scenes of your

victory by screenshot. Buy now with the NYXI coupon code and save up to $23 plus you

can also get an additional discount of 10%.


Do you have multiple joy-cons and it leaves you frustrated that you had to charge them

separately and can’t find a viable solution to charge them all at once. Your problem has

been solved with the NYXI Switch controller charging dock. It can charge 4 controllers at

once and has indicators at the top to help you understand the battery status and power

level of each of the controllers. For example; if a blue LED is slowly flashing while charging

that means either low voltage or high, if a blue LED flashes quickly, it is saving the

controllers from excessive current thereby saving their batteries or lastly if the light goes

green, that means the controllers have been charged to their full extent and no current is

passing through them now. The stand is space-saving if you have constrained space and

the bottom surface is ant-slippery. With the NYXI gaming coupon, Reecoupons is offering $10 off of



The NYXI tempered glass screen protector is the ultimate protection for the most precious

part of the switch; the touch screen. This screen protector has a 9H hardness level that

makes it incredibly hard to scratch and shatter. The glass screen protector is so clear that

the brightness and extreme colors of Switch cannot be distorted. The protector comes with

an electroplated screen coating, and it can easily separate screen oil. Fingerprints and other

stains can easily be cleaned. At just 0.3mm thick, it does compromise on touch and is

best suited to OLED Switch. Get Reecoupons NYXI gaming coupon code and get discounts

plus free shipping over orders on $99 plus.

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