Home remedies to deal with scars

Most of the scars remain as a mark on your skin and make it discolor over long time. It remains as a permanent mark on your face or on your skin when you have any kind of injuries, burns, accidents, bites from insects, surgeries, etc. eliminating or fading these marks might be a challenging task. Although these are not harmful or painful, most of us would like to get rid of these scars as they might interfere with the overall appearance. 

Although scars do not completely fade, we can make them look lighter or dull upon using some of the remedies naturally. There are many No Scars cream for men and women that help to get rid of these scars. Here in this article, we will bring you across some of the natural ways to get rid of these scars that are formed on your skin:

  • Using the lemon extract on the scar

As the lemon has powerful bioactive compounds in them, they work as the best antioxidants against these scars. They can help to reduce the scars that are formed due to multiple reasons that are discussed above and all you need to do is to apply the concentrated lemon extract with a cotton stub and leave it for few minutes before you rinse with the clean water. 

  • Onion extract

Onions are known for its anti-inflammatory properties and applying the onion extract on the scars will make it to appear dull or fade over prolonged usage. Take a strong extract of the onion and apply it on the scars with the cotton balls. This will eliminate and fade the scars in short time. 

  • Silicon sheets

Here is the best home remedy that has been proved to work well against removal of acne scars on the skin. As these are available on the counters and near by stores, you can buy them and use it in your house. These can be used without any advice from the doctor and thus it shows effective treatment against these scars. Apply the silicone gel atleast twice or thrice a day and you can see a lot of change in fading the scars on the skin. 

  • Rosehip oil

Another natural home remedy is to use the rosehip oil. When you have scars that are dark, you can use the rosehip oil to eliminate it. Discoloring of the scar is possible with this oil as it contains the natural compounds including Vit A and linoleic acid in it which helps in alleviating the pigmentation, there by eliminating the scars over period of time. Top scars cream contains the compounds from this oil that helps in removing the scars. 

  • Baking soda

When we think about baking soda, we remember about teeth whitening. But this can now be used to fade the scars that remain dominant on your skin for quite long time. It is a best exfoliate and when applying on the skin will remove the dead cells on the scars and gives a radiance to the skin. Once you have applied, rinse with water after few minutes to see significant difference. 


With all the above natural remedies you can now get rid of the acne scars that are on the skin with ease. 

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