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How Can Retailers Attract More Customers With Digital Displays?

Customers no longer visit stores or websites, shopping has evolved into an interactive experience. Instead, people want to have memorable interactions with businesses across all channels of commerce. According to Oracle, 81% of European shoppers are willing to spend a higher price for a better shopping experience.
Set Up a Feature Screen Area

Using LCD panels as a feature video wall creates a focal point in the store, allowing businesses to display material such as current deals, new products, shipping information, or a specific store segment. To attract more eyeballs, use high-impact graphic content.

Product Display Areas

Consumers are frequently led to imagine what they will experience or feel with things by sellers. Product displays are commonly used to do this. Digital signage, on the other hand, may improve it even more by launching a theatrical experience – compelling material that adds emotion to the product display is a direction worth pursuing.

Information Displays with Touch Screens

Make the customers feel involved with products using touchscreen displays; it opens more opportunities to engage and sell. Serve up interactive content about a selection of product lines. Offer customers a chance to know more about the product lines

Take Advantage of Electronic Shelf Label

ESL is an excellent example; it allows for real-time price adjustments, which is critical for retaining on-site sales. As a result, ESL may be an important branding component – they’re tried and true for shops looking for innovative ways to boost operational efficiency and consumer engagement.

Operation that is both simple and versatile

ESL manages the price modification procedure more cost-effectively than traditional printing. Rather than wasting time printing, cutting, and placing fresh labels around the store, producing digital material is significantly faster, saving both time and labor. Furthermore, before customers voice complaints, businesses can verify the correctness of prices and make appropriate changes.

Improved Long-Term Visibility

The design of ESL signage is concise and dazzling, bringing product details to life. Electronic ink on an ESL display, in contrast to printed labels, has clear fonts and colors to greet approaching visitors; also, it simply employs small, long-lasting batteries, requiring minimal power to run while giving excellent performance.

A More Informed Shopping Experience

ESL offers more than just product price; it also includes integrated* Near Field Communication (NFC). Customers can use the NFC to get a variety of information to help them make purchasing decisions. Plus, by sharing in-depth resources, retailers can encourage immediate on-site shopping and generate revenue.

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