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How I Planned A Last-Minute Birthday Party For My Nephew?

My phone rang nonstop when I was just taking a long warm bath after a long tiring day. I had just lost my employment and was running all day to find a new one. Bath was the only thing that could relax me, so I didn’t take my phone with me.

It was Friday evening, and I was not expecting any calls.

The call was from my elder sister Casey. I called her back.

“Help! It’s an emergency.” she was speaking gibberish.

“Calm down, what happened? Tell me everything.” I tried to understand.

Turns out, this Saturday was his son and my nephew Nick’s birthday, and the party planner had bailed last minute. Now she wanted me to plan a birthday party for a demanding kid (trust me, he is borderline spoiled) within 24 hours, including the day and the night.

“But I have never planned a party ever Cass. I don’t think I can manage.”

Yes, you have. You planned my surprise party.”

“But that was in high school…” I tried to reason.

“Look, you are the only own we got or we are looking at a devastating twelve-year-old who is about to turn thirteen this Sunday.” She tried a lot to convince me.

“And listen buy and bring an “iPhone” with you, this was supposed to be our gift but we could not buy it”, She ordered and disconnected.

I had no money. Not to buy an iPhone, at least. My boyfriend suggested I get a fast loan with no guarantor. It was fairly easy to get as I had a good credit score. I bought the phone and took my car to my sister’s place.

My first Official Party Planning

I reached Cass’s place almost at late night. She was so happy to see me that she hugged and crushed my backbone. We began discussing the party. She showed me her backyard, the place of the party.

It was an average-sized yard with a tree in the corner. I inquired what was Nick into these days. Turns out my boy was very much like me. He was reading “Harry Potter”, these days and he thinks he belongs in Ravenclaw’s house.

 I found the theme of my party. It would be a Harry Potter party themed around raven claws. It means the balloons and decorations will be blue and white.

Easiest and cheapest one to find. I told my Cass, and she was elated.

“See you already figured out the theme. Are you sure you are trying to find the right job for you? You should be a professional party planner”.

Her words were encouraging. I sat with my notebook and pen and started making a list of all the things I might need. It had things like stationaries, cake, drinks, food, and music.

The first thing was to make a guest list which gave me an idea about the number of invitations. I had to make invitations overnight so Nick could give them out to his friends. I rushed to the supermarket. It was the only place open where I could find everything I needed. Well, almost everything.

I picked the papers with blue and white stripes on one side, and I was blank on the inside. After that, I printed the Ravenclaw logo along with the “invitation quote” and pasted it on each piece.

Subsequently, I gave it to Nick so he could write the names of his friends. He was happy with the result and graciously agreed to write the names of all 14 friends he was going to invite.

Next on my list was party supplies. I found blue cups and balloons. They said they were short on white ones, but they would arrive the next morning. I thanked my stars. I told the store manager to keep them ready, and I will pick them up in the morning.

My next stop was the food aisle. I bought sandwich slices of bread, chips, cheese cubes, blue candies, and crackers. My next targets were macaroni and cheese; I knew Nick loved those.

I went home with all of the kinds of stuff.

Preparing the Party Area

I had all night to work on the party area. I had picked cardboards, made an arch and pasted red paper resembling the bricks, made white lines, and added a board on top saying Platform 9¾. In the middle, I hung a red curtain.

It was perfect. Cass agreed to make the birthday cake and add blue frosting to it. Midnight was about to happen so I about to sleep. The following up day was no doubt the “D Day”.

The next morning when I woke up, Nick had already gone to school with the invitations. I had my tea and ran to the bakery. I requested them to deliver cupcakes with blue and white frosting with a lightning bolt on top. They agreed to deliver just before the party.

I bought some broomsticks, plucked some twigs from the tree in the backyard, and made fifteen broomsticks for little ones to fly. After some time, I had installed barbecue sand and had sandwiches ready.

At last, I shifted the dining table to the backyard and decorated it like “Harry Potter” with fake candles in the middle.

I was happy with the result. It was not sophisticated, but I had managed to pull off a party in less than 24 hours.

Next on my list was to plan some games for the kids so they could enjoy the party. We could not find any clown at the last minute; however, we scored a magician. I still had to plan some games. I was so tired by now, and only a few hours were left.

Time was running out when it struck me. I planned an elaborate scavenger hunt, at the end of which there was the magic show. The magician agreed to wear a “Dumbledor” outfit if we paid me some extra bucks.

The Turn Out

The turnout was amazing. Kids loved everything. Nick especially complimented me for the bold lightning cupcake. Two of Nick’s friends whose birthday was next month asked me to plan a “Batman” themed and an “Avengers” themed party. I guess Cass was right. I realized that I was a good party planner.

New Beginning

I stopped looking for a job and started my party planning business from home. It felt like an obvious choice and worked for me. I was able to work from home for nearly a year until I outgrew my space.

This took some time for me to figure things out. There was a stage where I had to get loans for people with bad credit as my credit score was ruined due to non-payment o previous loans.

I cannot claim that I am the best party planner, but I can say that I am doing pretty good for myself. My next two months were booked. I plan only one party at once so I can give my hundred per cent.

Now, my location has been changed and now it is much better and I have hired help. There are 12 people team working with me, and I have found some amazing suppliers who are doing excellent. In addition, remember the magician? He is a full-time employee in my firm today.

Turns out that working as a magician alone does not pay well. He still performs at a few parties, but he is now my craft guy who makes crafts for party locations.


Running a party planning business is an art. You have to use your creativity. You should have a chain of suppliers and a very helpful and adaptable team of helpers.

It also needs your imagination and will power. You must be able to work day and night to make an event successful.



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