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How to Download Emails from Outlook to Roundcube Webmail? – Easy Tips & Tricks

Maximum users try to download emails from Outlook to Roundcube without Outlook installation using various unappropriated methods. If you are the one, who needs to the backup Outlook data file to Roundcube webmail account, this blog is meant for you. In this blog, I will show you the most effective and instant method to import PST to Roundcube webmail. So, continue reading this to find the solution.

Why Users Can Prefer to Use Webmail Roundcube?

Microsoft Outlook and Roundcube webmail both desktop email client and webmail services comes with some benefits as well as drawbacks. But still, here we are explaining some advantages of webmail services. It means is not that desktop Outlook email clients not useful.

  • You can open and view webmail services from anywhere using any computer. Webmail services only ask you for account details to login after that users can easily use them.
  • Roundcube webmail services save its database on the cloud with high-level security, thus, users can save their HDD space, and because of the low amount of data, your operating systems will work faster.
  • Most of the cloud-based webmail services permit backup emails in standard file formats free of cost so that users can save the archived data on the external hard disk as a backup.
  • Roundcube services are completely secure to use without risk of virus and malware attacks as your data is safe with multi-layer securities.
  • All webmail accounts support IMAP so that users can easily and directly sync them on desktop-based email clients for downloading, sending, and receiving emails.

Expert Solution – Import PST File to Roundcube Webmail without Outlook

CubexSoft PST Converter utility is the ultimate solution to download emails from Outlook to Roundcube webmail account without Outlook installation. The software also permits users to migrate Outlook contacts to Roundcube account along with all the properties and components. The Outlook File conversion tool is a simple and effective utility to export Outlook to Roundcube accounts without facing any problems. The software keeps the integrity of your data and gives you a successful migration. This software takes only a few moments to export PST files to Webmail Roundcube account.

pst converter cubexsoft

Moreover, the Outlook PST File Converter software is suitable for all webmail services such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, OWA, Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and many more. This software provides IMAP as a saving option and IMAP is also supported by most webmail services. Thus, you can provide IMAP login credentials of your webmail account for completing the process to import PST file to Webmail account.

Software Steps to Automatically Convert Outlook Emails to Roundcube Webmail

  1. First of all, download the software on your PC and go to Add Files option to upload PST files for the conversion process.
  2. After loading the PST files, check all selected PST files in the software preview panel. And click the Export button to continue the further process.
  3. Now select the IMAP Server as the saving option. Then, enter the Roundcube credentials details – Email Address, Password, IMAP Host, and IMAP Port No.
  4. After this click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.
  5. After the process is completed successfully, the software will appear in a new window with the message “Process Completed Successfully”. Then click on the OK button to end the process.

Just test it free of cost – PST to Roundcube Migration Tool

The software comes with the free version which is able to export the first 25 items from PST to Roundcube webmail services. With the free demo version, you can test the software’s working process and it is also helpful to make the decision about whether it is useful or not for them. After getting complete satisfaction, users can upgrade it to a pro version and ignore all drawbacks.

Ritu Roy
I am Ritu Roy, working as a Senior Technical Analyst in CubexSoft Tools Pvt. Ltd. Reading and writing new technical blogs is my passion and I look forward to share new ideas with others. 


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