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How to Export Gmail to Outlook?

One can do a one-time export of all Google emails and messages or just those in certain crated label(s) via Google Takeout process, which allows to downloads messages as an MBOX file.

After downloading the MBOX files from Google Mail, Use Mozilla Thunderbird or Mac Mail on a Mac to access emails with attachments and transfer them to another account, if you wish. Use Gmail to PST Converter to access Gmail to Outlook directly

If you are exporting emails and messages to someone, If the MBOX file is larger than 25MB, you cannot email it, but you can share it through Google Drive)

How to Export MBOX from Gmail?

Download Emails with Google Takeout

  1. If you want to download emails from, start with Google Mail by put on label, such as “emails to download”, to only the emails you need to download from Gmail.
  2. Go to
  3. Here, “Select None” (Mozilla Thunderbird only able to store emails/messages, it does not allow to store other data)
  4. Now Scroll down to the “Mail” option, hit to the gray X from the right
  5. If you need to download all emails then, click “All Mail”
  6. Or for particular emails Check “Select Labels”
  7. Select the labels that you have tag to the emails which you need to download
  8. Now, Click to the “Next” button
  9. Don’t change the file type, after this click on “Create Archive”

After that, zip will be sent via your choose delivery method, buy by default, you get an email with the ink to download the zip file) – mail may not be sent immediate, the more messages you are downloading, longer it will take to generate archive file.

  1. Download MBOX Converter

Download the MBOX Converter that converts Gmail MBOX file to Outlook

1 – Install and Run MBOX to PST Converter

2 – Add multiple MBOX files

3 – Software provide you a preview of MBOX file data with proper formatting

4 – Now select the PST file from the saving options

5 – Provide the location to save the converted file

6 – Click on Export to start the MBOX to PST Conversion process.

Gmail to Outlook is an efficient way to export Gmail emails to Outlook by using a lengthy and cumbersome process. It maintains email properties and attachments in their original formatting.



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