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How to Make Your Silk Sheets Last Longer?

Silk is a fabric that is not only known for its luxury but also for providing numerous health benefits. Silk is naturally soft and smooth to the skin, reducing friction and anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. It also has a cooling effect during the summers and is suitable for your skin and hair. Thus, many people switch over to silk bed sheets from their regular, inexpensive cotton sheets. When it comes to your luxury silk bed sheets, you need to take extra care to make them last longer.       


Why Should Special Care be Taken for Silk?

Silk sheets are very comfortable to sleep on, and therefore it takes more effort to care for them. Silk is obtained from silkworms and is a natural fibre, of which Mulberry Silk is the highest quality. These worms are fed only mulberry leaves, and the silk threads extracted from them are extra-long, delicate, and pure white, with a natural sheen and elegant texture. Silk is vulnerable to stains and harm from heat and light, and intense washing powders can also damage the protein in silk. 

How to Care for Silk Sheets?

Let us look at how you can make your silk sheets last longer. Here are some tips that we suggest:

  • Pull Back the Covers

A simple way to keep your sheets healthy is to pull them back every day to expose your bed to air so that the extra moisture dries out, making the bed remain cleaner and fresher for a long time. 

  • Washing the Silk Sheets

You can wash your silk sheets either by hand or in the machine. If you are washing it in the machine, you should keep the temperature below 30 and use a gentle cycle. It would be best to wash the sheets with other silk items only once a week. The sheets’ marks will be removed easily by regular washing as silk is prone to staining. Handwashing in cold water is ideal, but you should not leave them soaked in soap water for long, as the fabric might shrink. 

  • Selecting the Proper Detergent

It is advised to use a mild detergent for washing your luxury silk bed sheets. Detergents specially formulated for silk are the best and keep your silk sheets shiny and soft. Bleaching agents and optical brighteners are harsh and can harden the fabric. You can pour the detergent directly and leave them in cool water to remove stains. Then, rinse it thoroughly.

  • Drying Silk Sheets

Silk sheets should be naturally air-dried by hanging them on a washing line but be careful to keep them away from direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry them as it can cause damage to the fabric. 

  1. Crease-free Silk Sheets

If you want to iron the sheets, use the coolest setting and do not iron them when they are damp. After a few washes, ironing won’t be necessary as the wrinkles will smooth out naturally. You can also use a steamer. 

  • Stay Clean In the Sheets

Some creams and oils may contain chemicals that may bleach your bedsheets. Suncream can also cause stains, and you should have a shower before going to bed, to wash away any skin or hair product that may damage the sheet.

Best Quality Luxury Silk Bed Sheets                                                                    

After doing our research, we have come across a brand named Mayfairsilk that manufactures exquisite luxury silk bed sheets. They have won multiple awards, including ‘Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022- Bedding Brand of the Year in the UK’. Their fabric is also OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified, ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals. The fabric is soft, smooth and has hypoallergenic and thermoregulating properties providing optimum benefits for your health. 

Visit their website https://mayfairsilk.com/ to browse their fantastic collection of luxury silk bed sheets in various colours and patterns. 



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