Interesting Facts About Airedales

Interesting Facts About Airedale

If you’re planning to take an Airedale, there are some things you should know about them. As with other Terriers, they’re likely to dig in your garden, chase smaller animals, and bark. They are also fond of collecting your stuff, such as your socks, underwear, and children’s toys.

Since daily Airedale Terriers are very energetic, daily exercise is a must. Generally, their activeness and high energy don’t vanish with age. Airedales are perfect for apartment dwellers, but a spacious, well-fenced yard is necessary.

Airedale Terriers also love to chew. They may chew anything, so when you’re away, leave them in a crate or safe kennel and some sturdy toys. Although they’re independent, Airedales enjoy their family’s company. They are happiest indoors with their owners rather than being in the backyard. Lastly, grooming is essential. You should know how to groom them or at least pay a professional to do it.

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