IRestore Vs. IGrow – Hair Growth Helmet Comparison

Your hair is a reflection of your personality. A full head can make a big difference in how you look. Hair loss and hair thinning are very common. By the age of 35, 4 out 10 people will be experiencing it. There is a way out.

As you might have tried many things to fix this problem, we will now introduce you to laser and LED-based hair regrowth devices. These devices actually work and have been through numerous clinical trials.

There are many reasons why your hair may not be in its best health. Let’s forget about this problem.

iGrow is a newer product, while iRestore has been around for a while. Both devices work well but we prefer another product.


A Better Option – Kiierr

While there are a few features that make other hair caps more attractive, we think you’ll find the most important thing to consider when choosing a hair cap.

The FDA cleared Kiierr LLLT laser caps to promote thicker and fuller hair for both men & women. You’ll see your frail hair follicles transform into thick, healthy hair in as little as 30 days!

Comparing iGrow vs iRestore – Low Light Laser Therapy Devices

Both iRestore & iGrow use lasers to restore hair. They use a non-invasive method that is drug-free and has no side effects.

These devices combine science and low-light laser therapy to stimulate and energize cells. This stimulates hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

It improves blood circulation, allowing your hair follicles access to the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. This is an excellent way to treat hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia.

If you’re completely bald, we don’t recommend these devices.

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is a condition in which you have patches of hair growing on your head. Both iGrow or iRestore will work well.

The lasers used by iRestore or iGrow can also fix damaged hair follicles as a result of old age.

No Comparison of LEDs and Lasers

iRestore comes in two versions. The Pro variant comes with 282 lasers and LEDs, while the Pro variant has 51. You will get maximum coverage with the Pro variant’s 282 medical-graded lasers.

This brand offers the most LEDs and lasers, making iRestore unique. They are also aligned so that they can reach areas difficult to reach, such as the lower crown and the temples.

iGrow, on the other side, has 51 total LEDs and 21 lasers. These numbers show how far behind iGrow is in the game.

The iGrow is more like a high-tech bike helmet. Both iRestore & iGrow look like helmets made of plastic, but the iGrow’s built-in headphones make it more tech-oriented than a hair-restoration device.

Despite the fact that the iRestore would likely win the battle for looks due to its beautiful pink finish and white color, it will be a device that your neighbor might be curious about.

The Controller of iGrow

The controller is the most important thing about the iGrow. It takes the game to the next level.

You can choose from 5 buttons and 5 programs with the controller, each featuring a diagram. Each diagram can be used to represent different stages of pattern-baldness, so you can pick the one closest to yours.

iRestore only has one method of working and one program, regardless of the state of your scalp.

A company that already gives you nearly 6 times the amount of LEDs and Lasers in its products doesn’t need to create specific modes. This device is capable enough to overcome any need for it.

Battery packs comparison:

These devices also share the ability to use both plug-n-play and battery packs. You can take them with you anywhere, or use them at home.

The iRestore’s battery pack is 1880mAh, which is more than the iGrow.

FDA cleared:

FDA status is what really determines a medical device’s FDA status. Both iRestore, as well as iGrow, have been FDA cleared under section 510k.

These devices have been proven safe and effective, unlike any other FDA-approved devices on the market. FDA clearances are basically a guarantee that the device will not cause any harm to you.

Clinically Proven to Work

iRestore, iGrow have all been through a series of clinical trials. This means you don’t need to worry about their effectiveness.

Moreover, iRestore’s online support team will provide you with a chart showing the stages of male pattern baldness. You can then pick the one closest to you and decide if iRestore is right for you.

You might need to do those things yourself with the iGrow.

The Headphones: A bonus

iGrow headphones come preinstalled so that you don’t have to search for your own.

Simply plug the auxiliary cable into the phone, and you can listen to your music while the laser grows your hair back.

Clinical Tests

According to the company, the iGrow helmets have been through two patented clinical trials that were awarded a patent. Every single participant was able to grow their hair in both of the trials.

Each woman and man grew their hair an average of 35% and 37%, respectively.

iGrow is unique because it won the ISLM Awards 2013 for transitional research.

iRestore also conducted clinical trials where 100% of participants experienced an increase in hair growth. However, iGrow has a slight edge with the trails.

Comfort and fitting:

The best thing about iGrow helmets is the little pads that are built into the interior to make the helmet fit on top of your head. The iGrow helmet can be adjusted so that it fits on multiple heads.

iRestore only makes one size. The fit is good, it’s easy to get used to, but it won’t allow you to adjust it.

iGrow is more powerful:

iRestore is lightweight at just 1.27 pounds. The IGrow helmet weighs 3.96 pounds. However, you become used to it and it doesn’t feel so heavy after a while.

Daily Usage Time

The iRestore is a system that starts your session by sounding a beep. After 25 minutes, another beep will be heard and you’re done. To see the desired results, all you need to do is to have a 25-minute session each day for six months. Then continue until one year.

IGrow requires that you do a 20-minute session every day for the same amount of months. It doesn’t make much difference, but they emphasize that every moment of your life is important.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Both companies are proud of their products and offer a money-back guarantee. iGrow offers a 6-month guarantee if you don’t get results, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty if you have an internal problem.

iRestore is more confident in its laser helmet because they offer a 1-year money-back guarantee and even covers the shipping fees.

This makes iRestore a little less risky to purchase.


These types of devices are dominated by LEDs and Lasers. It’s obvious that they are the most important and that all other items have little to no importance.

There are a few things that give iGrow an advantage, but based on everything we have discussed, there isn’t much left to consider and we will definitely recommend you go with the IRestore.

If you’re looking to save money, the iRestores Essential Variant is not for you. Instead, choose the iGrow. You get the same LEDs & Laser capabilities as the iRestores Essential Variant but with additional benefits. Plus, you can save 100 dollars.

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