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Kashmir tour package : everything to know


Kashmir or The paradise on the Earth, is the northernmost region of the Indian subcontinent and has been one of the best places for leisure tourism because of the beautiful mountains, hills, lakes, sightseeing and many more things.People come from all over the world to see the flowing streams, rich green meadows, and breathtakingly high mountain ranges in this wonderful sanctuary.

Kashmir’s valleys, surrounded by majestic mountains, reflect nature, beauty, and a certain sense of spirituality. Beautiful lakes: Kashmir’s lakes are crystal clear, good and amazing. The Dal and Nagin Lakes in Srinagar are breathtaking.

Due to significant differences in geo-location among separate districts, the temperature is often cooler in the steep sections of the valley compared to the flat bottom half of the valley.

Kashmir  winter

Throughout the winter, Kashmir changes into a spectacular snow paradise. Swoon over the icy landscape and the fluffy snowflakes that fall over the breathtaking scenery. The gorgeous snowy winters in Kashmir are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Kashmir’s lakes are among the greatest in the world. They are crystal clear, beautiful, and untouched. A boat ride on the lakes with towering mountains in the background would demonstrate why Kashmir is truly a paradise.

Kashmiris have relied significantly on rice as their primary source of nourishment from ancient times. On important occasions like Eid, meat is eaten with rice, veggies, and salad. Despite their Brahmin origins, the vast majority of Kashmiri Pandits consume meat.

Without a doubt, the most important feature of Kashmiri cuisine is wazwan. It is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine, and its preparation is regarded as an art form and a source of pride in Kashmiri culture and identity. Except for a few vegetarian dishes, almost all of the meals are meat-based, with lamb or chicken as the major components. It is well-known throughout Kashmir. Wazwan is a dish that is regularly served during Kashmiri cuisine festivals and reunions throughout the world.

Noon Chai, commonly known as seer, is a kind of tea, which is widely famous in Kashmir and around the world.


Kashmir tour package:

So basically the tour package will help you to explore things better and in a proper way with an experienced guide. That will help you to understand the place better, tour have pre planed journey assigned, so without wasting much of time, you can explore much more in tour.

Top places that Kashmir Tour package includes are-

Srinagar: Srinagar is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist destinations in Kashmir and India. Locally regarded as the “mirror to the mountains,” Srinagar is a must-see destination for any visitor, and there is a vast list of attractions to explore in Srinagar, Kashmir.


Gulmarg: also known as the ‘Meadow of Flowers,’ is a sight to see with its swaths of bright flowers set against snow-capped mountains as backdrops. 


The name implies, is known as the ‘Meadow of Gold.’. It is attractions include an uninterrupted stream of beautiful flowers and undulating hiking trails. Sonamarg should be on every visitor’s list of places to see in Kashmir because of its hypnotic ambiance and beautiful scenery.


it is a minor district in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, approximately 90 kilometres from the state capital, Srinagar. It is a must-see place in Kashmir because of its beautiful natural surroundings, including blooming meadows, alpine slopes, and gushing pure water. This city exemplifies Kashmir’s beauty.

 City of sufis

This city in Jammu and Kashmir, known as the “city of sufis,” shares its southern borders with Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Within its borders, the city boasts a high presence of Pirs Sufi shrines. Kathua should be on your list of top locations to visit in Kashmir.  Kathua, located on the banks of a river, offers breathtaking views and a tranquil ambiance. The city is also a state gateway and a large industrial town with an army presence.





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