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What Should You Do to Let A New Puppy Get Along with Your Cat?

Stuck with the idea of bringing home a new pet? This idea is indeed applaudable. But when you introduce a second pet to your previous one, you must pay attention to a few things.

At times, the situation might overwhelm you. However, you can tackle this with preparation. To control the stress, you must plan on how to begin with the process.

The introduction is the tricky part. You should carefully handle this, and it is often dangerous if they are left alone.

Supervise them whenever they are together. It is imperative to confirm that both of them are safe and comfortable with each other. Try to note the behaviour of the new puppy that you will introduce.

You know your cat very well, and you can assume how it might react to being introduced to a new puppy. Maintain these specialities in mind while going ahead with the introduction.

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You may have further queries related to introducing a new pet to an old pet. You can flip through this article and ensure what you should accomplish to complete the process smooth.

Steps you can follow before beginning with the introduction process

Introduce the new puppy to the cat in a gradual manner. Make sure everything is under control before you begin with an introduction. Don’t forget that your home is a cat’s home.

So, at first, you should do the necessary things to make them feel safe. Dogs are friendly in nature. But cats carry a defensive attitude.

Cats become suspicious very quickly, so be cautious when you introduce the puppy for the first time to the cat. The introduction lays the foundation for their relationship.

Find out how you can work on it by taking a look at the steps.

Make your home prepared for the latest member

Check if the current condition of your home is apt for the puppy or not. You might have to introduce some changes as there is a cat already at your home. Keep all the essentials of the cat separate.

Take a look at the entry and exit points of your home. It is good if your house has enough hiding places, and your cat can get out of the reach of the dog to hide in these places.

Examine the top portion of the wardrobe and other shelves. If needed, make provision for internal doors and baby gates. This will allow the cat to quickly enter any room where the dog cannot get in.

It is pivotal for you to make sure the sleeping zone of your cat and dog is separate. Place the cat’s food and litter tray away from the dog. It is because the new puppy will have a keen interest in exploring these two things.

Keep them separated after the first meeting

You are naturally clueless about the way they will react when kept together. Thus, allow them to mingle slowly, and the separation will keep things under control.

The beginning phase is very vital. So, keep them away altogether. Put them in separate rooms.

Make sure their playing toys don’t mix up. Feed them at different times.

Introduce their scents to each other

Let your cat get acquainted with the smell of the dog. For that, use a blanket or towel for the dog. Place the towel in the cat’s room.

It will help the cat get used to the scent of the dog. Repeat the same procedure to introduce the scent of the cat to the dog.

You can spread the scent of your pets over your furniture, and it will let the pets get familiar with each other’s scents. Continue doing this till they show no reaction to each other’s smell.

Give some of your extra time to the new puppy to help them learn basic etiquette. It will prepare the dog to meet the cat.

Begin with introduction

Once they are aware of each other’s scent, you can let them play together. Feed them properly before beginning with the introduction. It will keep them relaxed.

You can accept them for a relaxing walk also. Don’t encourage them to participate in any chasing game, and this might trigger their chasing instinct.

Excitement is not good for them at the time of introduction. Ensure their behaviour is calm and quiet.

Confine each pet alternately

Confinement at the beginning is essential, and you must confine the puppy first. Due to their conservative nature, Cats will keep a watch on the puppy from far.

It will not chase the puppy and observe the dog’s behaviour. Once your cat is assured about the puppy’s stay, you can change the confinement.

Keep your cat in a safe place. Meanwhile, let the dog travel around the house. It will help the dog introduce it to the cat. An indoor leash is vital to track and rectify the behaviour of the pets.

Let the puppy sniff around and discover the various classifications of odours. Separate confinements help your pets understand each other gradually.

Set barriers

Once your puppy is introduced to the cat, you must set barriers or small obstacles. Make sure your cat can climb the barrier while your puppy cannot. This will restrict the space of the puppy but not the cat.

The bottom line

Introducing a new puppy to a cat might seem scary. You can easily train a puppy to get along with a cat, and it is challenging to maintain them together.

This is going to be a new experience for you. Try to make the first meeting gradual and smooth. Be alert in the initial days.

Never leave your cat with the dog. Be around when you leave them to play together. Despite all efforts, your pets might not get along well. Then, you can think differently to address the problem.



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