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Meenakari Home Temple Online


You can buy a Meenakari Home Temple online. You can even customize it according to your preferences. You can choose the color, size, and shape of the temple as per your preference. These temples can last for years and bring peace and positivity to your home. Choose a location away from the washroom or toilet. These temples are also available in custom-made sizes.
Wooden temples are considered ideal

Whether you are looking for a traditional, elaborate or simple wooden temple, Meenakari offers many styles and designs to fit your home. Whether you want a small sandstone temple for a single deity or a large, multi-deity wood temple, we have a variety of options for you. We can even custom-design your home temple with doors in the front and shelves inside. If you want the temple to be symmetrical, you can have a small dome on top with four pillars.

You can decorate your home temple with fresh flowers and candles. To create a welcoming atmosphere, use incense sticks and aroma candles. Place a red cloth beneath the idols to keep negative energy away. If you have a bell, place it on the left side of your temple to ward off negative energies. You can even decorate your temple with rangoli designs and Om symbols to attract prosperity and happiness.

A small wooden temple is perfect for home use. It is eye-catching and sturdy, with the Meenakari design of an Indian Puja Mandir. Its design is adorned in different colors, which gives it a very elegant appearance. Its design can be easily moved to any place in your home, which allows you to place it anywhere you wish. The dome adds height to the temple, making it a versatile option.

The best direction for your home mandir is north-east. The east direction is conducive to good fortune and growth, while the west and north directions are favorable for positivity and opportunity. As long as you pray facing the north-east, you can place your mandir in any corner of your home except for the south. If you live in a north-facing home, it may be best to put your mandir in the north-east corner.
They last for years

This wooden pooja mandir is made for your home. The design is simple, yet elegant. It features Meenakari metal work on the outside and a pyramidal dome on top. The interior is fully equipped with shelves and drawers for pooja accessories. The temple is a beautiful gift item to give during festivals. Moreover, it will last for years.

Wooden pooja mandirs are considered auspicious in Hindu mythology. They provide the gods a place of their own, thereby bringing good luck, prosperity, and serenity to the home. Wooden Street knows that the most auspicious material for building a home temple is wood. Its design and style will make your home an enchanting sanctuary.

The design of your wooden temple should be functional, while being pleasing to your eyes. You can choose a compact design or an ornate, free-standing temple, depending on the style and budget. You can choose a roof design with intricate motifs or incorporate a drawer or tray for incense sticks. Incorporating brass embellishments in the temple roof will give it a unique and elegant look.
They bring positivity and peace

A wooden pooja mandir for home will bring positivity and peace to the place where it is placed. Available from renowned brands like Fanusta, this temple is affordable and will nourish your faith and influence your home with positive spiritual energy. Moreover, it will also keep your home free of tensions and stress. You can place it anywhere in your home, so as to bring positive vibes to the place.

Wooden temples are Vastu Compliant and Astrologically beneficial. The North-East direction is the source of pure energy. By placing your mandir in this direction, you will be able to fill your home with positive energy and strengthen the energy flow in the room. The north-east is also the zone for creativity and dhyana meditation. A wooden temple placed in this direction will help you achieve a deep spiritual state of meditation.

Whether you want your mandir to face the north, south, or west, making sure to choose the right direction for it is essential. The east direction represents the rising sun, which is the direction of Lord Indra. Therefore, praying in this direction will bring you good fortune, prosperity, and wealth. The north is also a good direction for a home mandir because the sun rises and sets in this direction.

When choosing a wooden temple for your home, keep in mind the vastu of the place where it is to be placed. A wooden temple should have a dome structure on the top, and the entrance should have a threshold. It is important to consider the location of the mandir to avoid swaying its energy and making it inauspicious.
They should not be adjoining to the toilet or washroom

It is important to choose the correct direction for your Meenakari Home Temple online. It should not be next to the washroom or toilet. It should be in the right direction, preferably on the north side of the house. The temple should be at least 9 inches from the walls of the toilet or washroom. It should not be placed in the middle of the home, as it will be obstructing the view of the toilet.

The North-East corner of your home is the ideal direction for a Meenakari Home Temple. You should not place your Mandir in the south, as this direction is ruled by Yama, the god of destruction. Similarly, the south-west corner is not good for a Meenakari Home Temple. However, if you do not have a separate Puja room in your home, you can place your Mandir in a north-east corner of your house.

When placing your Meenakari Home Temple, you should choose a room with a clear separation between the bathroom and puja room. You can use a glass wall, a wooden divider, or a plaster of Paris divider. If you have a room divider, you can place a wooden divider shelf in it. wall mounted mandir designs online. You can also decorate your divider screen with religious symbols, stencil cuts, or etchings.

If you live in a small house, you may not have the space to dedicate a separate room to your Meenakari Home Temple. You can install it in the living room or kitchen. It is not advisable to place it in the bedroom. You should place it in the north-east corner of your home, not the bathroom. This location will help it receive good fortune. It will also bring peace to your home.

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