Mother’s day is the most important event of May….the gifting season.

Mother’s day is the most important event of May. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May month. This year in 2022, mother’s day will be celebrated on the 8th of May which is Sunday. Mother’s day has its origin back in 1907. A woman named Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia started celebrating mother’s day in memory of her mother. This continued up till now and each year mother’s day is celebrated with full joy and happiness. we try to give our mom a surprise that could make her happy. Mother’s day is a special event for every child. For kids who study in school mother’s day means making creative greeting cards so that they can gift them to her. for those who are grown-up, mother’s day means buying some beautiful product which she can use.

Everyone wants to gift their mother some or the other thing but distance creates an obstacle to gifts. There is a need for a trusted delivery service that can deliver the desired gift timely. Today we need an online portal from where we can select gifts because we live in different cities. Sending mother’s day gifts to India is now easy by the efforts of Oye Gifts. They provide exclusive mothers day gifts and also deliver the gift within 2 to 3 hours. You can send your mother a beautiful gift just by going to the website and clicking the desired product. Let us explore some of the exclusive gifts.


celebration is incomplete without including chocolate in it. You can gift your mom a basket of chocolate which also includes dark chocolate. You can either gift her a beautiful bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolate.. bouquet of flowers can also be gifted along with a basket of chocolates. There are multiple varieties that you can consider before ordering.


flowers look mesmerizing. Gifting someone a bunch of roses can uplift his or her mood and infuse in him happy Vibes. You can choose flowers of your choice. There are many types of Rose available. Also, they have a collection of lilies and orchids. You can also go for a multi-colored Rose bouquet if confused about what to buy. Flowers can be gifted individually or together with cake or chocolates.


when we talk about chocolates and flowers, the cake cannot be ignored. Be it any occasion or celebration cake is an integral part of the party. Cake cutting is quite common for celebrations. You do not need a special event to enjoy cake. It can be enjoyed any day. But when it is mother’s day celebration cake cannot be ignored. You can order the cake easily by exploring the online portal. Cakes of different shapes and sizes are available. You can also go for combo offers which include cake along with flowers, teddies, and chocolates.

I Love Mom Cake


this is the year of bonsai plants. They look gorgeous and cute. Gifting plants to your mother is one of the best decisions. This will not only add to the natural greenery of your home but also it will enhance the interior decoration of the room. These days shade plants are the trend. They can be kept indoors because they do not require sunlight and regular water. What they need is a shade and a sprinkle of water droplets occasionally. Going green is the best thing.


bags are necessary for going outside. Going shopping or to any other event, a bag is a must carry for women. Different occasions need different size bags. There is a variety of bags available. Bags are also available in combo offers. Such offers contain a combination of a sling bag, medium size bag, and a big toad( big bag). This combination is a multipurpose gift that your mother will use on different occasions. If you are confused about choosing the gifts then go for this combination.

Personalized gifts-

this section contains a variety of articles that can be personalized by printing photographs sent by you. The variety of options include:

Most Outstanding Mom Throw Pillow

Coffee mugs-

you can gift your mother a beautiful coffee mug that carries the image of you along with your mother or just her image. This is a cool gift and also a memorable one.


customizing cushions means imprinting the image of your favorite memory upon them. Such cushions can be decorated in the living room or drawing-room. This is a beautiful gift.

Most Outstanding Mom Throw Pillow


modern lamps contain space for attesting the photographs on all the corners. When the lamp is lit the photographs also glow. This is a lovely and emotional gift.

Photo frame-

this is not an ordinary photo frame. It is a big photo frame that has multiple sections for multiple photographs. This can be put in the drawing-room or living room. This gift adores the beautiful memories and happy times spent together.

You should choose any of the gifts. These reflect your efforts to make mother’s day special. Mother’s day occasion comes once a year therefore try to make this day a memorable day for your mother.

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