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Significant Factors That Directs the Choice of your Exhibition Stand

Taking part in trade shows and exhibitions is a great platform to promote and grow your business. One of the most important decisions to make an effective presence in the exhibition is to select the right exhibition stand for your business. Importantly, it is the first thing that tempts visitors to step into a booth or stand.

Exhibition stands are the most powerful tools that can contribute a lot to branding and building the company’s reputation and personality in front of a large number of visitors, competitors, and media present at the event. An exhibitor can fulfill its marketing objectives by using a variety of advanced styles, technology, and design which will also help enhance the sale of its products or services. A well-designed and built exhibition stand will reflect the brand image in the best possible way, attract the visitors, and will leave a lasting impression on their minds.

Selecting the right exhibition stand display is crucial and depends on a number of factors that are required to be considered beforehand.

Most Commonly Types of Exhibition Stands Used

Exhibition stands come in a variety and range of sizes and dimensions and also differ in type and features to suit the needs of different organizations. These features can significantly affect the overall impact of your brand that you want to make at the exhibition and therefore, needs to be considered beforehand while planning. Mainly, there are three types of exhibition stands such as custom stands, modular stands, and pop-up displays.

As suggested by the name, custom stands can be customized and tailored to meet the specific needs of the exhibitor. The modular stands are built by joining prefabricated modular stands that are used to give eye-catching appeal and are subjected to customization. Lastly, the pop displays are majorly used as backdrops with the brand messages, product capabilities, and vibrant graphics.

Set up and Dismantle Process

The setting up and dismantling process at the event plays an important role in deciding the type of trade show booth required for the event. If you have chosen pop displays for the event, then you need not worry about the setting and dismantling process as they are easy to set up and can be packed within 5 minutes and that too without the assistance of a specialist. On the other hand, for the custom stands, an exhibitor needs a technician as their setup usually involves large structures and wall panels that are difficult to manage and might get damaged or cause loss during the dismantling process. Lastly, the modular stands are easier to set up and dismantle than the custom ones. However, you can still hire a technician to have a hassle-free installation and dismantling of your modular stand.

Adaptive Display

When it comes to conveying product detail and brand message, graphics play a significant role. Graphics need to be changed to fulfill different requirements of the company. It has to be flexible and adaptive to be easily replaced. Pop-up displays are quite simple and it is easier to replace graphics on them. But, when it comes to custom stands, putting on a new stand design and graphics is not at all as easy and convenient as with pop-up displays. To get the best and desired results, modular stands are easier to suit different design requirements and deal with replacing graphics.

Brand Image and Message

When choosing the right trade show display stand, the most significant point is to choose the one that helps you reflect your brand message in the best possible way. Pop-up displays are very simple and are not helpful in making your brand stand out in the crowd. It can simply display your brand and product message but when it comes to bringing innovation and creativity to attract visitors, it fails terribly. On the other hand, custom stands are considered an ultimate type of trade show booth because of their characters to be designed and tailored to meet the exact branding requirements of the exhibitor. Likewise, because of the illimitable creativity options, modular stands are quite helpful in building a distinctive brand image.

Shipping and Transportation

Now comes the other important factor after the completion of your exhibition stand, the shipping, and transportation of your stand from the manufacturing unit to the event. Pop-up displays are convenient to transport anywhere and don’t require the help of logistics. Whereas, custom exhibition stands need a logistics team to get shipped and transported as they are built with large structures and also need a warehouse to store them after the event. Modular stands are easier to transport unlike custom stands and can also be packed neatly into the carry bags without any hassle and are convenient to transport. Also, there is no additional cost required to store them.


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