Why Your Silence Can Be a Strong Message to Your Partner (1)

Why Your Silence Can Be a Strong Message to Your Partner


Sure, the silent treatment is a great way to set standards for a relationship, and it should be used in moderation.

Or you don’t even need to use it at all.

However, in some special situations and some extreme cases, your silence can come out as a tool to work with your emotions.

And then, it also becomes a form of communication to tell your partner that something’s seriously wrong in the relationship.

Yes, the silent treatment is not suitable for a couple or anyone when it is prolonged and exercised with extremity. You need to harness your silence in a more polite way to tell your partner you need space and that he or she should think about what has gone wrong as well. 

If you are still thinking about why a little bit (and just a little) of silence can be helpful for a relationship when it is having a rough time, read the rest of this post.

Why You Need to be Silent at Times in a Relationship

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Similarly, a relationship can be a very good relationship indeed, but it can be in need of space. Silence can be that space.

Here is why you may need that, but in moderation and that too sometimes:

To Reach an Adjustment and Conclusion

Relationships become more furious, more intensely abusive and extremely rigid when no one wants to compromise.

And this increases when both parties are not ready to compromise.

Now, if one among you stays silent, then it delivers a message to the other person that fighting, yelling, and hurting each other with words is not coming up with a long-term solution. The silence from anyone’s partner deactivates the arguments in the other. 

And although you both need some time to withstand this annoying silence, it may give you both the space to recover and make room for communication.

Is There a Narcissist Involved?

Narcissists and a relationship?

It is a tough thing to deal with.

According to psychologists, the trump card or the special weapon of a narcissist is to use the power of silence to control the people they want.

But they hate it when someone else does the same to them.

And if that ‘someone else’ is the Narcissist’s partner, then it works as an antidote to their anger.

But it doesn’t mean that it has to be extreme.

Being a bit silent will send an alert message to the Narcissist partner that whatever is happening is not happening right. 

And this can change the self-centred person to at least come down to the level of discussion.

Maybe You Need Some Time Alone

Silence may not always be a way to tell the other partner something seriously is wrong in the relationship.

You might have a bad day at work; you can have an uneven argument with a sibling; you can find out a problem for your future life; you may face monetary issues; you may be sad about some memories or that you probably want to evaluate a part of your relationship all by yourself, being completely uninterrupted.

And that is fine. It is okay to feel low. Being a bit silent can help you feel yourself more and define your emotions precisely in such circumstances. Silence then becomes your solution as it offers you the space and freedom to think. 

However, if you are going silent this way, then do inform that it is not your partners’ fault or that you are blaming the person. State clearly that the reason for your silence is personal.

Silence Can Be a Good Way to Deal with Your Anger and Negative Emotions

When you know that you have loads of negative emotions and bursting them out can be bad for the relationship, it is okay to sit back and be silent.

You might complain about releasing those emotions, right?

Yes, you are.

However, exercising your rage and lashing out words to the one you love with whom you are probably planning to share the whole life can be a bad thing…an extremely bad thing. Some scars do not heal. 

And bashing out negative emotions will create uncountable scars like that on your partner.

Essentially, the relationship will go downhill if negative emotions come into play.

Bottle those emotions up by being silent. With this approach of yours, your partner might assume or know that you are just trying to keep you on the safe side in order to save the relationship from abuse.

And this increases the respect of your partner for you.

If There Is Abuse Involved

So, you are saying that your partner is abusive?

A relationship turning abusive is the worst nightmare for any couple.

And if one of you starts doing that and makes your lives a living hell, then it is time you do something about it with silence.

The psychology of an abuser is not to insult you but to create fear in you so that he or she can control you.

Now, if you become silent, then your partner will, at a point, feel that his or her aggression or attacks will not work on you.

That works!

To Conclude 

If you are one of the individuals on benefits but you may need a loan with bad credit today from a direct lender, then it can mean that there is an emergency.

Silence can be a good way to treat similar matters in a relationship.

But if it is an EMERGENCY, then silence may not be a good option.

Rather, forget your fights; talk it over and visit a couple’s counsellor as soon as you can. 

Just don’t hurt each other, okay? That won’t work, and it never does.

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