How do I solve QuickBooks “Restore Failed” error

Summary: This blog discusses the steps to take when QuickBooks “restore failed” error appears. It also provides possible causes for the error. To help you avoid the time spent attempting to fix the problem and gain access to your company’s data, the QuickBooks Repair tool could aid.

If you attempt to restore the data from an QuickBooks backup (QBB) certain users have reported seeing restore operations not working due to some of the error messages:

  • “Error: Restore Failed. This is a Format that is not valid of the Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File”
  • “Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove log file”
  • “This file is restricted to read-only. Try it again using another name”

Causes of QuickBooks ‘Restore Failed Error’

The failure in the restore process can be explained by one of the following reasons:

  • Backups are being done on top of an old company data
  • The name of the company file includes special characters
  • The backup stored on the USB flash drive can be transferred to the network drive, not local computer
  • Backup file that is being restored isn’t a real QuickBooks backup file.
  • The backup is created using the QB version that is more recent however it is being restored to an earlier version
  • The company’s data file is damaged or damaged.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks “Restore Failed” Error

To determine which method is most effective for your situation follow the same order as described below.Move to the next step when the previous one isn’t working.

1. Do not attempt to overwrite the existing company files during the restoration process.

This is part of the standard file-saving ethical code. If you want to save the file that is being restored, navigate to the folder in which you would like to save it. Also, in the event that your file’s name is in conflict with an established company file, select the name of the file that is different.

If you want to restore a backup, you should do these things:

  • If you’re prompted to input the location you wish to save your file, navigate to the desired destination to save the file.
  • When the title of the document you wish to save is identical to another file within the folder that you want to save, you will receive an error message “The name of the file exists. Would you like to replace the file?”
  • Click No.
  • Select a different name to the document.

2. Remove special characters in the file name of your company

Do not use special characters such as /\<>!$ for example in the file’s name. If you see any of these characters in your company’s files delete them and then rename the file.

3. Backup the backup to the local system prior to the restoration

When you restore a backup stored on an external device such as an USB drive or network, it’s recommended to create an offline backup copy first. By doing this, you can ensure that the backup process does not end abruptly when your connection with the USB or network is lost. A mishap that occurs as the restore process is in progress could result in permanent data corruption within this QBB file.

4. Check that file you’re looking to retrieve is an authentic QBB file

If you attempt to run the restore operation on the file that is not in an acceptable QBB format, it will likely give you a QuickBooks restore unsuccessful error.

5. Make sure to restore the QBB to the version of QuickBooks that was used to create it.

There is a way to restore an QBB that was created using an earlier QuickBooks version in a current version of the software and vice versa, however this could cause an error. Thus ensure there are no version-incompatibilities when undertaking a backup restore.

6. Repair QuickBooks Company file

If none of these methods resolve the issue Then the QBW and QuickBooks company file may be damaged to the point of destruction. Repairing your QuickBooks data file using the Rebuild Data tool. To access this utility, visit your QuickBooks file menu, click the Utilities tab, click and then select Rebuild Data.

If the process of re-building the company file is not working, an quicker and less costly option is to get an experienced and reliable QuickBooks File Repair Software. It is equipped with an advanced algorithm for repairing damaged or severely corrupted QuickBooks files (QBW). It also retrieves all elements of the file, including company customers, vendors, and employee details. The program supports various currencies, give the preview of the recoverable data prior to save the repair file and also extract important financial information (paychecks and payroll transactions and so on.) to be saved to the new QBW file.


Although you must always ensure that you backup the QuickBooks corporate files (QBW) It could be a good idea to keep a reliable QuickBooks repair program. The allow user to permits recover QBW files from backup files (QBB).

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