Unable to Open MBOX File Problem

How to Solve “Unable to Open MBOX File Problem”?

MBOX is a file format used by many email clients and servers to store mailbox data. All content will be stored in a single file separated by an email subject. Outlook, on the other hand, is a widely used desktop-based email client. Provides advanced and flexible features for email management. That is why almost all corporate houses, educational institutions, and other sectors used this app to open MBOX file.

Most people are familiar with the MBOX file as this file is built into multiple email clients. Maintains email messages connected sequentially. There is one MBOX file created for each folder. But sometimes, for some reason, it becomes difficult to access and view Thunderbird MBOX emails. There is a possibility of file damage or infection and it also makes it impossible for you to read the MBOX file. However, it is very important for all users to open the .mbox file type in any case.


Reasons for error “Unable to Open MBOX File”

These can be the reasons for not opening the MBOX files.

  • There can be many reasons for this type of problem:
  • Another type of infection can also affect the MBOX file.
  • Hardware failure can also make MBOX file inaccessible.
  • Sudden opening and closing or corrupt email requests cause the file to be corrupted.

Now, let’s have a look at the solutions that you can go through for resolving this issue.

Solution Manual for Accessing and Open MBOX Files

If you have an email client you can also access the MBOX file in Thunderbird or the Outlook email application. Since Mozilla Thunderbird is free and can be installed at any time, it can be a good option for the user who can open an MBOX file to use that email client. You need to follow the steps below:

  1. The user has to download Thunderbird and the Import-Export extension.
  2. After submitting the email request, click Tools and then go to the Import-Export Tools option, after it selects Import MBOX File.
  3. Now, directly Import one or more MBOX files into MBOX Import files.
  4. You can also import the instructions below while importing MBOX files.
  5. Click the Open button to import the MBOX file into the Thunderbird email application.

This method may open and access the MBOX file as it is easy to open and access all MBOX emails in the Thunderbird email client. So, try this solution to open and view MBOX data easily.

Let us now look up a reliable solution to solve this problem.

Fixing the issue using MBOX Viewer to Open MBOX File

Using the MBOX Viewer is a reliable solution for the users to fix the ‘unable to open MBOX file‘ issue. A user can easily operate the application and take a look at their MBOX files. the application fully scans, reads, and then opens the MBOX files. A user does not face any kind of issues while opening the MBOX files. The interface of the tool is also easy so that each user can easily understand the working of the tool and go through the process. Even a non-tech user can use this advanced application.

Let us have a look at the steps of the tool:

  • Open the application
  • Now, add the MBOX files


  • Take a look at the preview


Within these steps, a user can easily open and view the MBOX files. Also, the procedure is very easy to be carried down. A user uses this application as:

  • The tool can be used easily by any user
  • It is a compatible application
  • Users do not need to download any other tool
  • A quick preview of the files is made
  • Easy to understand

Thus, users tend to use the application rather than move for the manual procedure.


Try the advanced MBOX Viewer tool for previewing and resolving the issue. The tool is easy to be handled and provides a free demo version of the tool. This demo version helps users to know more about the tool by giving users the chance to view a few of the MBOX files.

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