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Some Best Practices To Sell Pictures Online

Any plans of selling your pictures online? The first thing that you need to do is to know what a good photograph is! 

One thing that is important to know is what a good photograph is. You see, in the world of stock photography. If you want selling selfie online and make money you don’t just want to upload any old photos. A good photo is one that’s unique, high quality, and has no competition. In other words, it’s a photo that expresses an idea or story, captures the imagination, and is technically perfect!

How To Sell Pictures Online

The focused image really helps us tell more of the story of what these things are doing out of this crack on the sidewalk. Also, notice how well this photographer captured each individual flower in minuscule detail despite shooting outdoors on a bright sunny day. And it doesn’t hurt that he found a location where nobody else would think of taking photos! If you can learn to take photos like this, then there are tons of great resources for selling your photos online!

Know The Appropriate Platform

The kinds of photos you sell will determine where you want to sell them. There are sites devoted to selling particular kinds of images: landscape photography, travel photography, food photography, etc. The more specific your niche and the smaller the competition, the more likely you are to make a decent amount of money for your photos.

If you are shooting stock photography, then it makes sense to stick with large generalist sites that offer a broad selection. If you have no problem competing with tens or even hundreds of thousands of other photographers. And if your work is high quality enough, these may be the right fit for you. 

If your photographs are more specialized or unique in their subject matter, consider trying less popular websites that can’t afford as much advertising but have fewer photographers competing for attention. Researching online forums can help you figure out which site would be better for the kind of pictures you take and plan on selling online.

Complete & Professional Profile 

It is a good idea to make sure that your profile is as complete as possible. First, it helps you build your credibility. There are billions of images online and anyone can upload photos there. For buyers, it is difficult to know who the best photographers are simply by looking at their photos. Having a complete profile gives you an edge over other sellers because buyers will feel more confident in hiring you for their projects if they see that you’re serious about being a professional photographer and selling pictures online.

Secondly, having a great portfolio alone will not help you stand out from the crowd of photographers that sell images online if your profile doesn’t reflect your passion for photography or how experienced you are in this field. Finally, having a comprehensive profile conveys to potential clients that taking pictures professionally has always been your thing and that photography is not just a hobby or something fun to do when you’re bored in the afternoon but rather something important enough so as to have its own section in your profile!

Know How To Price Your Pictures

Consider the following factors to help you price your images:

  • Quality – With most people having access to high-quality camera phones, it’s important that your photos have that something extra. Be sure to edit and polish them with a fine eye for detail.
  • Target Market – This one is simple! What niche are you trying to reach? For example, if you’re selling a stock photo of a cute dog jumping on a trampoline in a field of daisies, who do you think would be interested in buying this image? A pet magazine? An insurance company? Cater your prices accordingly!
  • Purpose – Would someone eventually reproduce the photograph on a poster or billboard? Would they use it within an ad campaign that brings in millions of dollars every year? This can influence the price of your photographs. Remember, as long as they keep producing great work and staying true to their artistic vision, photographers will always demand top dollar for their work.


Follow the above-mentioned tips in order to selling selfie online. Let’s begin with the knowledge of what a good photo is. You need to know the difference between an amazing shot, and one that will make people yawn. Be honest with yourself and develop your critical thinking skills by looking at other photos. What do you like about them? What do you not like? If you’re unsure, try asking someone else, but be sure they won’t be too harsh with you. Learn how to edit your photographs in programs so that they look their best online!





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