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Strategies to Maintain your Body Weight – Weight Loss Clinic Los Ange

Trying to lose weight might be a tough job to handle but the most challenging is maintaining the body weight. People who have successfully reached their weight loss goals tend to gain it over the years. Reducing your calorie intake to lose weight may slow down the body’s capacity to burn calories. As a result, it becomes even more difficult to lose weight.  Also, when you resume a normal diet, you tend to gain more weight easily due to the low metabolism activity of the body. That is why most weight loss clinic Los Angeles advises avoiding rapid weight loss diets and low-calorie diets in weight loss programs.


If you are successful in losing about 1 kilo per week then you are already reaching your milestone. Instead of trying to lose more than the recommended weight loss, one should focus on making lifestyle changes. This will successfully help the increase of long-term weight loss. Maintaining a body weight that is directly proportional to your height will help to gain major health benefits. It will lower your cholesterol and blood sugar, blood pressure, stress on bones and joints, and maintain a healthy heart.

weight loss clinic los angeles

You must be committed and must put in your efforts to maintain your body weight. Then only you will be successful in attaining long-term weight loss goals. If the lifestyle changes including changes in diet, eating habits, and workouts fail you in losing weight then bariatric surgery is what you can opt for.


Strategies to Maintain Your Body Weight

To successfully achieve your milestones of losing weight, it is important to adopt strategies that will encourage you to keep going. Following are some of the strategies you can try:


Accountability and support system can greatly help you in losing weight and maintaining it. In comparison to individuals who tried to lose on their own, those who use programs are more successful in achieving their goals.

Physical exercises and other activities can greatly contribute to weight loss. Activities such as walking, and using the stairs instead of the elevator are minor changes that have a positive effect on your body weight.


Diet is another important aspect of weight loss. Include healthy foods, fruits, low-fat foods, and nuts in your diet to increase the metabolism of your body.


After attaining the desired body weight, gradually add about 200 calories of food that are healthy and low fat to your daily diet. If you still continue to lose weight then you can continue adding additional calories till you maintain a balance of the calories that your body needs to maintain your healthy weight. It is best to seek the advice of a nutritionist as your body might take time to adjust.


Behavioral therapies are also required as some people have the tendency to respond to stress with food. Try to substitute the food with mediation, exercises, or any other form of activity.

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