Study Motivation Tips for Government Exam Preparation

Study for 10 minutes, then scroll instagram. Get back to studying for 5 minutes, then check facebook notifications. Study again for 10 minutes, then binge watch Netflix. Does it sound like your study session? If yes, then you need to work on yourself and study with full concentration. Also, you need some help to kick your motivation into high gear. If you have made up your mind to appear in the upcoming government exams, then it is essential to find motivation for exam preparation. We can help you with it. This article can reveal some miraculous ways to motivate yourself for exam preparation. So, beef up your exam preparation by adhering to the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

Completing the vast government exams syllabus is not a cinch. You need to devote several months to effective exam preparation. If you are preparing for the SSC CGL, then keep your spirit high while preparing for the exam. Also, make sure you follow a rewarding study plan to ace government exams preparation. Many candidates search for the best techniques to motivate themselves for exam preparation. Are you amongst them? If so, then read the following points meticulously.

Before you dive into government exams preparation, go through the following motivation tips and tricks engage yourself in studies:

This is true that not every motivation strategy can work wonders for you. However, we tried to pen down some effective motivational strategies that can help you focus properly while studying. So, read the given points thoroughly and choose to follow the tips that suit you best.


Use website and app blocker

Nothing can falter your focus better than a social media app. Whenever you will sit to study, for sure your phone will ping with a new notification. These notifications can affect your ability to focus. Therefore, it is advisable to use website and app blocker. Install an app in your phone that can block every social media site on your phone. The blocker app will also block some spam websites keeping your smartphone free from viruses. So, make sure you have blocker apps on your phone. This is how you can study with 100% focus.


Make your own reward system

There should always be something that should motivate you to work harder. For example: You can plan to watch a movie with your friends during the weekend. Also, you can plan to go for a one day trip with your friends once in a month. Thus, giving yourself rewards can push you to study effectively for the upcoming government exams. It can actually help you to focus properly while studying for the exam.


Use the Pomodoro technique

A majority of candidates use Pomodoro technique to study for the exam. Let us tell you that it is the best method if you want to study hard for the exam. But, do you know how to use this technique? If not, then go through the following points:
Study continuously for 25 minutes.
Afterwards, take a short break of 5-10 minutes.
You need to repeat this cycle 4 times at least.
After repeating the cycle 4 times, you can take a long break of 30 minutes.
For sure there are variations to this technique. You can make changes to this technique as per your wish. For example: You can stretch your study period to 30-35 minutes then take a break.


Take advantage of structured procrastination

It is hard to believe but it is true. You can use procrastination for your benefit as well. If you are prone to procrastination, then you are in the habit of putting off harder tasks till tomorrow. Thus, it is advisable to think of harder tasks than studying. This is how you can push yourself to study harder for the government exams.


Find a suitable study spot

Note that your environment plays a vital role when you sit to study for the exam. So, choose a suitable study spot for yourself. It is advisable to choose a study spot that is away from nuisance. Also, make sure that place is bright and properly ventilated. Well, make sure you keep all the devices away from you while studying for the exam. Keeping your smartphone away from you can help you focus properly while studying for the exam.


Form a study group

No doubt, studying alone can help you grasp a better understanding of every subject. But, it is also important to study in a group once a week. For sure it can make your exam preparation interesting. Here are some tips to make your group study interesting:
You can play quizzes with your friends
Discuss some important topics with your friends.
Ask valid questions from your friends to have a better understanding of every concept.


Go to library or coffee shop

Library is a perfect place to study for the exam. Note that the library is the best place where you will find least distractions. Also, you’ll be encouraged to study for the exam by seeing everyone around you reading or studying. Apart from the library, you can prefer to study in a coffee shop. You can get a warm ambience in a coffee shop to study for the exam. Thus, if you will not get a suitable place at your home to study, then choose to study in a library or coffee shop.


Post some motivational quotes

After choosing a perfect place to study, you can choose to post some motivational quotes there. These quotes can actually amp up your efficiency to study for the exam. So, start searching some inspirational quotes on the internet. Save those quotes and get its print out. Post those quotes around your study area. For sure it can generate positive vibes in your study space.
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With so many tips and tricks to study for exams, there can be at least one that can work miraculously for you. So, try the above-said tips to study for the upcoming government exams. No doubt, studying is really hard. But, you can make it interesting by adhering to the above tips.

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