Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Sturdy Rigid Boxes Keeps Your Products Safe

Rigid boxes are constructed from paperboard which is thicker than other paper sheets and is strong enough to be used as packaging. Paperboard used for rigid boxes can be up to four times thicker than paperboard used for folding cartons.

A rigid box cannot be deflated and must stay in box shape from the time it is manufactured until the time it is used. While many other types of boxes usually are deflated at the time of shipment. However, rigid boxes often have a secondary coating of many conceivable materials bonded to the box.

Salient Features of Rigid Boxes

Since these boxes look luxurious, they build perception within seconds. Increased customer perception of product value i.e. expensive-looking package implies higher-quality goods. Rigid boxes are more robust and long-lasting. They are so robust that they do not require any void fillers or extra cushioning.

High-quality printing can easily be done on these boxes. Can show off excellent engraving and foil stamping, be that either Gold or Silver. For its manufacturing, materials that are environmentally friendly and recyclable can be used.

Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Moreover, it is also possible to have a structural design that is as basic or as intricate and elaborate as required.

Do You Know How These Rigid Boxes Are Manufactured?

Rigid boxes begin as a flat card stock, which is cut and divided to the appropriate size. The dotted lines are drawn that indicate where the paperboard will be folded. Then the box’s sides are folded up and fastened to form the box’s base shape.

A pattern is then printed onto a sheet of paper, coated, and various additions such as foil stamping or embossing are now added. The wrap is then bonded to the outline of the box immediately which brings life to the appearance of the box.

Some things that are not fragile can be transported in smooth wrapping. However, most companies and clients rely on robust, dependable containers such as rigid boxes. Rigid boxes, often known as set-up boxes, are four times thicker than the normal paperboard box and that is the sole reason that most companies around the globe order Wholesale Rigid Boxes that typically contain a paper surface on which those companies may print alluring designs and labels.

Which Products Are Ideal For Keeping In Rigid Boxes?

By connection with high-end items, custom printed rigid boxes give attraction to any product. Fancy toys, jewelry, and cosmetic items, for example, frequently arrive in hard packaging. Some non-fragile items can be carried in them too. Several businesses, on the other hand, rely on tough, trustworthy containers such as rigid boxes which are also known as set-up boxes.

Some of these boxes are foldable and flexible, whereas others are given to the customers constructed. Wholesale rigid boxes are foldable, hence assisting to save money and space. They are very simple to put together and store. Boxes that are shipped assembled, on the other hand, take up more room.

Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Stacking them on top of one other for shipment and transit can sometimes be impossible. Not only do they save room during transit but also a lot of money. You may get less pricing on bulk purchases and if you keep ordering from the same company they might have special discounted rates for you.

Luxurious Inside and External Finishes

For a beautiful appearance, the outside of these boxes is coated with materials i.e. suede, wood, and other metals. These boxes are occasionally made using manual labor, which increases their price. Furthermore, the inner of premium rigid box packaging is given an appealing appearance by employing fabrics such as velvet.

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They Are long-lasting and reliable

These boxes are made from the finest cardboard stocks, which are noted for their sturdiness and printability. The greatest and most durable designs are chosen as their styles in order for them to survive for many generations. Most of the time, the receivers utilize them for alternative storage. These boxes are designed to provoke brand awareness among the audience.

Highly Designed Components

Wholesale rigid boxes offer inserts, partitions, and supports required as per the specific product. Every product is properly weighed before being stored in its designated location in the boxes. These inserts are created from materials such as regular cardboard, foam, reused paperboard, etc. They are critical in limiting mobility in packing to keep things in place.

Wholesale Rigid Boxes

There Are Two Basic Kinds of Rigid Boxes

The first kind is called, the Telescope box which has a lid that completely covers the box’s base. A fragmentary telescope box is one that has a section of the base exposed. Because of the greater thickness of its sides, they are being used to store items that require more safety throughout presentation and delivery.

The other kind of rigid box is the Tray with sleeve box. It looks like a drawer and has one closed end. It’s also known as a capsule and slide box. To disclose the goods within, the base must be pulled out. The addition of a pull string to the boxes makes this attractive sliding more accessible. This box is also known as a plastic case and drawer packing.

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