Success Mantras to Crack the Government Exams

A host of government exams are in the line to be held this year. No doubt, cracking a government exam is a herculean task. Lakhs of candidates appear for the government exam. But, only a handful of them are able to crack it. Do you know why? Because they adhere to a smart study regime with determination. Let us tell you that you will not find a magic lamp that can grant your wish of cracking a government exam. Note that success in government exams depends on your backbone and not your wishbone. So, make up your mind to put in arduous efforts while preparing for the exam. Remember, all your efforts will be paid off when you grab a prestigious government job.

In this article, we have penned down some success mantras that can help candidates preparing for SSC CGL, SBI PO, IBPS PO and other government exams. Before you start preparing for the exam, make sure you have a clear and light mind. You can easily prepare for the exam, if you have an optimistic attitude. Annihilate everything that hinders your progress. Are you searching for the strategies that can help you crack the government exams? If yes, then begin your exam preparations by following the given tactics.

Here we have shared some success mantras that can help you clear the government exams in a single go:

  • Read exam guidelines scrupulously 

Generally, the exam conducting bodies release an official notification stating the details of job vacancy and eligibility criteria. Read the notification clearly to know whether you are eligible to appear for the exam or not. Also, there are annexures attached to the notification that share details of exam syllabus and pattern. After knowing the exact exam syllabus, prepare a suitable study plan for yourself.

  • Make a flawless study plan

Your study plan can decide your success and failure in the exam. So, prepare a foolproof study plan that can help you ace every section of the exam. Make sure you give equal importance to every section of the exam. Many candidates only focus on preparing for the quants and reasoning section of the exam. But, they hardly prepare for the english and general awareness section. Let us tell you that English and G.K. are the most scoring section of the exam. So, invest dedicated time to prepare for these sections as well. It can help in improving your overall scores.


  • Start with clearing your basics

Note that you will not be asked direct questions in the exam. Every question will be twisted and tricky. You can easily solve these questions by clearing your basic concepts. We would suggest you start exam preparation at least 3 months prior to the exam date. You will have ample time to understand the concepts of every subject. Also, avoid cramming any concept. You won’t be able to solve questions in the exam with accuracy. Cramming can work in academic tests. But, when it comes to cracking government exams, having in-depth knowledge of the topic can help you.

  • Write while learning 

Ingrain the habit of writing while learning. It can help you understand and retain concepts for a long period of time. Also, you will make notes for every subject this way. Make sure you are writing notes in a simple language. If you are using any difficult term, explain it in your notes. When you make notes, highlight important words and definitions. These notes can help you revise concepts during the final hours of preparation.

  • Coaching classes and exam preparation apps

There are many candidates who are efficient in preparing for the exam on their own. But, there are some candidates who need proper conditioning. They can approach a leading coaching institute that can help them prepare for the exam perfectly. Moreover, there are a plethora of exam preparation apps that can help candidates. Do you have a smartphone? If yes, then replace social media apps with exam preparation apps. For sure, it can help you prepare for the exam effectively without distractions. Some of the government exam preparation apps are: MakeMyExam, GradeUp, Testbook, Udemy etc.

  • Practice different types of questions

You need to master different types of questions, if you want to crack the government exams. With the help of mock tests, you can practice different types of questions. It is advisable to practice online mock tests, as it can help you replicate the experience of the actual exam. So, try to solve at least 1-2 mock tests each day. It can help you improve speed and accuracy of solving questions. Also, you will be able to save yourself from negative marking in the exam.

  • To do list 15 days prior to exam date

When there are only 15 days to exam, use this time to practice mock tests or previous year question papers only. Never try to grasp new concepts during this time. Also, try to calm your nerves before appearing for the exam. Instead of learning new concepts, you can revise old concepts and attain mastery over them. Moreover, it is advisable to never burden yourself during these days. You will only feel anxious and nervous. Keep your mind free from worries during these days and have a sound sleep.

  • To do list on exam day

A night before the exam, close all the books and relish a sound sleep of at least 8 hours. It can help you solve questions in the exam with a clear mind. On the day of the exam, wake up early in the morning and eat a nutritious breakfast. When you enter the exam hall, keep yourself calm and read every question carefully before answering it. In case you feel anxious after reading a question, take a deep breath and skip to another question. After solving the questions you are confident about, solve the questions you find tough. This way you’ll be able to solve maximum questions in the exam.

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We hope these success mantras can help candidates crack the government exams in a single attempt.

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