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Teaching Your Puppy To Handle Being Alone: Practice With A Leash

Teaching Your Puppy To Handle Being Alone Practice With A Leash

If your puppy is often left home alone while you’re at work, you should train him to be comfortable being alone. One way to do it is with a leash.

Choose a leash that is six feet in length and tie your pet down to something stable close by.  Then offer him a couple of his chew toys so his attention is occupied.  Initially, have your pet about one or two feet away, gradually increasing the distance but keeping him in view.

Since your dog can still see you, the exercise helps your pet not be so clingy all the time and does not always have to be close to you and maybe not always follow you around even at home.

This might just be the push your pet needs to slowly transition towards him having the ability to calmly rest even if he is alone.

Offer your pet lots of exercise

Provide your puppy with enough suitable outlets for his energy.

Your puppy will benefit much from regular walks, potty breaks, and physical games.  These activities will make your puppy healthy and open to rest periods all by himself.

Engage in training games and fetch activities to get your pet moving.  Try having one or two other friends call your pet from one person to the other, and reward your puppy when he responds.

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