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The best Damascus Chefs knife sets of 2022

Choosing the best Damascus Chefs knife set in 2022 can be tricky. Each manufacturer advertises its product, profitably talking about its merits. There are many quality knife sets on the market, KP tells you how to find the exact one that will meet your needs and which will not go over your budget.

Quality knives are the key to the success of any dish. The cooking process is greatly simplified when there is a knife for each product and each task. A good set of knives will not only help in cooking from the functional side but will also be a great addition to the interior.

The choice of Damascus Chefs’ knife sets is quite diverse. They differ in the materials from which the blades, handles, and stands are made, in terms of equipment, because each set includes various knives, etc. This rating considers the best sets of knives for the kitchen, as well as recommendations on their choice from Nadezhda Lyubimova, the brand chef of the Williams Et Oliver chain of right things for the kitchen. 


Knives stand out among competitors not only for their impeccable quality but also for their beautiful design. The blades are made from the highest quality Japanese forged stainless steel. They undergo a complex process of grinding and sharpening, which has a positive effect on sharpness, strength, and cutting ability. 

There is no seam between the handle and the blade, so the knives are easy to clean. For safety reasons, the handle has a thoughtful shape that fits anatomically comfortably in the hand and prevents slipping. In addition, it is decorated with a diamond pattern, which makes the knives unique.


The knives have an elegant design, impeccable quality of steel, and workmanship, thanks to the properties of the steel from which the knives are made, the set will last for many years without losing its properties.


No stand included

2. Samura Bamboo SBA-05

A small set that includes the most necessary knives. This company specializes not only in the production of knives for home use but also for catering and trade, where high quality is required. Knives are monolithic and made of corrosion-resistant molybdenum-vanadium single-layer steel. 

This set has an interesting design because the handles are made in the shape of bamboo stems. The set includes 4 knives: a chef’s knife, a utility knife, a slicing knife, a vegetable knife, as well as a stand. Thanks to Japanese sharpening, the blades will delight you with their sharpness for a long time. 


The unusual design and high quality will make this set indispensable in the kitchen, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher


Some users report that the blade is too thin and can bend

3. Nadoba Ursa 722616

Madaba has long been famous for its high-quality tableware and kitchen accessories. This set looks very stylish and beautiful. Massive, but compact wooden stand made of natural hevea wood will fit into any interior. Knives are made of premium forged stainless steel without joints. For ease of use, the handles have inserts made of ABS plastic.

The set has additional functionality such as a bottle opener, which is equipped with scissors, and a knife cutter built into the body of the stand. The set includes a utility knife, a knife for meat, for vegetables and fruits, a santoku, a chef’s knife, and kitchen scissors. 


Knives are monolithic and made of premium stainless steel, there is built-in cutlery in the stand, and bottle openers in the scissors


Some users are missing a bread knife in the set

4. FISKARS Functional Form 1057552

The set has a bright and concise design. The stand is made of natural bamboo and goes well with the black color of the knives and the additional block for vertical storage. The set includes a large chef’s knife, a bread knife, a Santoku knife, a tomato knife, and a root knife. Each knife has its characteristics depending on the purpose. 

Thanks to the SoftGrip coating on the handles, they lie comfortably in the hand and do not slip. All knives are made of Japanese stainless steel, which is famous for its strength and reliability.


The set contains all the necessary knives that cut perfectly due to the high quality of steel and its processing.


For some users, the double stand solution was inconvenient.

5. Taller Stratford

The set consists of 5 knives: chef’s, vegetable, sirloin, bread, utility, and scissors. The blades are made of alloy steel, which has high strength and resistance to external influences. Knives come with a wooden stand for easy and safe storage. 

Blades with an optimal sharpening angle are heat-treated, which ensures ease of cutting and long-term retention of sharpness. The knives are well balanced, and thanks to the comfortable handles, this model is safe, as the possibility of slipping is reduced to zero.


The knives are stylish and, complete with a stand, fit perfectly into the interior, users note that the knives cut perfectly and do not require additional sharpening for a long time.


Users complain that the scissors are of poor quality, the blades cling to each other, and the handles are uncomfortable. This set is not dishwasher safe

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