joe biden meme

The Joe Biden Meme

Memes about Joe Biden have been circulating for most of the summer. In early July, Miles Klee did a roundup for MEL Magazine that caught the early, cynical, absurdist origins of the memes. One of the best examples, titled Dark Brandon, brings totalitarianism to the fore and dissects Republican notions of Biden’s potential danger.

Let’s go Brandon

A recent NBC News poll shows Biden’s approval rating at 42 percent. In addition, Republicans are unlikely to embrace the “Let’s go Brandon” meme as a major part of the presidential campaign in 2022. Instead, they are likely to focus on other issues, such as inflation, increased border crossings, and withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The meme began as a joke to poke fun at right-wing talking points and Biden’s gaffes. It aimed to mock accusations that Biden has no brain and is “soft-spoken,” and that his leadership style is less forceful than President Donald Trump. In early August, the Biden administration’s staff stepped up its online rhetoric. As a result, hundreds of images appeared on social media.

The “Let’s go Brandon” chant originally arose as a misheard chant at a NASCAR rally. It quickly spread from there through yard signs across the country, and eventually reached the lips of Republican politicians. While some of these messages were meant to be a dig at the vice president, others took the phrase to be a satirical joke.

A variation of the “Let’s go Brandon” meme was created by Democrats in recent weeks. The Dark Brandon variant is an ironic twist on the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme, and has become a popular Internet meme. Often presented in an image macro, it is a joke that mocks Biden without promoting a political candidate.

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The Dark Brandon meme has many different origins, and the original purpose of the meme is unclear. Several theories have been proposed, ranging from the neo-Nazi origins of the Dark Brandon meme to its use by Biden fans and Democrats. The new meme has a mixed reception, with many seeing it as a cheap attempt to divert attention from the real issue at hand.

Its origins

The Joe Biden meme has become one of the most popular memes in recent weeks. Although it has received much ridicule from right-wing influencers, many Biden supporters have also taken advantage of it. Since Biden’s recent series of policy victories, he’s been riding a wave of support.

Although Joe Biden has been the subject of many memes in the past, including images of him with Barack Obama and ice cream, he has become a target of memes featuring him as “Dark Brandon.” “Dark Brandon” memes depict him as a sinister character, complete with black eye and goatee. The meme has become particularly popular as the vice presidential candidate recovers from COVID-19 and advances his legislative agenda.

This meme originated in a forum called 4chan, which is an internet forum popular with young people. This forum has a long history and has been instrumental in the development of internet culture. It has also been credited with giving rise to a right-wing internet culture. However, many critics note that the language used in “dark Brandon” is directly derived from Nazi imagery.

Another Joe Biden meme is the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme. Originally a chant originating at a NASCAR rally, the phrase quickly spread through yard signs and into the mouths of Republican politicians. Another version of the “Let’s Go Brandon” is “Dark Brandon,” which features Biden in dark colors with Michael Bay-style effects and laser eyes.

The phrase “let’s go, Brandon” became a popular meme in the Obama era. This phrase has become the soundboard of many gifs and countless jokes about Biden. The term “let’s go, Brandon” has even become a musical theme.

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Its evolution

The Joe Biden meme has exploded over the past two weeks. Although right-wing influencers have ridiculed it, many Biden supporters have embraced it. The meme is particularly fitting now, as Biden has been riding a wave of policy wins. The image of an old man chowing down on a vanilla ice cream cone is perhaps his most popular image in pop culture.

The meme’s history is murky, and no one is entirely sure why it began. But the underlying concept is reminiscent of neo-Nazi propaganda. Although it has a dark history, it has been adopted by Democrats and Biden supporters, and pundits are divided over whether the concept is politically useful.

The evolution of Joe Biden memes has also shown the malleability of internet culture. While serving as vice president in the Obama administration, Biden’s image has been molded by internet users. During his tenure, internet users have turned Biden into the sidekick of their dreams. Diamond Joe, as he was affectionately known, was a fun-loving, quirky sidekick. He loved motorcycles, tinkering with Trans Ams, and cooling his heels in Mexico.

Its impact

There’s no doubt that the Joe Biden meme is making a strong impression. While many of these images poke fun at the vice president, some have turned them into serious and disturbing images, and others have turned them into a way to make fun of the vice president. Despite the original intent, some of the memes have gone beyond their original purpose, becoming an offensive weapon for the far right.

The latest craze stemmed from a picture of Biden, which has gone viral. The picture, which depicts him with red lasers coming out of his eyes, was first shared by White House digital director Rob Flaherty. This picture was then shared by members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, as well as Sen. Chris Murphy. The images spread through social media and have even been shared by members of the Biden administration. The #DarkBrandon hashtag has since grown in liberal circles outside of the White House. A simple search of the hashtag will reveal hundreds of similar images.

Another meme derived from the Biden campaign’s election strategy was a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant that began at a NASCAR race and became an Internet meme that quickly swept the country, reaching the mouths of Republican politicians. Meanwhile, the meme that grew from “Let’s Go Brandon” was a bit darker, and aimed at a more “evil” version of the vice president.

While the Biden meme became wildly popular over the past two weeks, it was also met with some backlash. Right-wing influencers made fun of the meme, and some posters claimed that “Liberals ruined the meme.” However, a majority of supporters of Biden have embraced it, which shows how the meme has influenced the presidential race.

Its future

The Joe Biden meme has taken the internet by storm over the last two weeks. While there’s been some mockery from right-wing influencers, many Biden fans have embraced it. With all of the policy wins Biden has made lately, there’s little reason to believe that the meme will die out soon.

Joe Biden has a fairly innocuous public persona, which has helped him improve his relatability among voters. He’s also committed to working behind the scenes, which has allowed his image to come back to life. However, his image is under constant attack in popular memes that turn him into the complete opposite of the image he has been given. Many of these memes are from the far right, and they turn him into an aggressive one-man army. However, one recent meme has combined two subgenres of pro-Trump memes and tries to subvert them.

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A similar meme, “Dark Brandon,” has been spreading around the Internet, and has been embraced by Democrats. It’s an ironic parody of the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme from the right. The meme is most often presented through a lolcats-style image macro.

Despite his staid image during the election campaign, Biden has long been portrayed as a homebody with an ear for aviators. However, in his more recent roles, Biden has become the latest target of the meme game. The meme’s most famous image is an old gent enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone. Although there’s been some irony in this image, it has become an iconic image.

While it’s possible that Biden will become a presidential candidate, it’s unlikely he will become President Trump’s successor. That doesn’t mean that he’s destined to be a meme, however. The fact is that Biden has never been an inspiring figure in the meme world.