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The Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Is there anything better than watching a great film in the comfort of your living room while enjoying popcorn and beverages? When these movies are available for free, it makes the experience even more enjoyable. Nowadays, a great deal of entertainment material is available online, from vintage cinemas to new films and TV shows. The challenge, however, is finding suitable sources of free movie streaming.

Despite the fact that there may seem to be a lot of options, not all are reliable and safe. Therefore, we have put together a list of the top 10 best free movie streaming sites. We update this list regularly to ensure you never have difficulty watching your favorite media for free.

Now let’s get started.


It is no surprise that YouTube is ranked as one of the most popular sites for free movie streaming. This is because it provides a huge selection of free films, including many public domain films available through channels such as Public Domain Films.

Further, channels such as Popcornflix offer full movies over YouTube, and you will find a Free to Watch section in YouTube’s Movies & Shows hub. A great variety of shows are available, including classic comedies, sports, and more. It is quite different from channels that offer only obscure movies from the 1950s.

If you are looking for something specific, you may need to dig a bit. YouTube is an excellent source of free and legal movies for those with patience.


Crackle is a must-have for any movie enthusiast due to its large selection of syndicated content and original productions. While it rotates its selection from time to time, you will still find quality movies across genres.

Additionally to films, Crackle provides television shows, including original series. Using the Activate a device option located at the top-right, you can enjoy Crackle on your TV as well.


CONtv, formerly known as Viewster, is a site with comics and videos. If you are only interested in Videos, you may use the menu in the upper left corner.

There are still some free movies available here and TV shows, such as a large selection of horror B-movies. Most of it is available for free, but some of it requires a subscription.


Peacock is NBC’s streaming service and is relatively new to the free movie streaming space. Peacock Premium subscribers have access to top-tier shows and movies such as The Office and Despicable Me, but a wide selection is available on the free tier.

If you register for a free account, you can access tons of NBC content on any device. The free account, however, contains advertisements.

Amazon Prime Video

Are you looking for a Netflix alternative? Or struggling to bypass Netflix VPN block? Don’t worry; Amazon Prime Video is also the better option.

With Amazon Prime Video, you can stream movies in HD without interruption from advertisements, just like Netflix.

There are a number of original Amazon Prime Video movies and TV series to choose from.

Users do not solely turn to free streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video for movies and television programs. You can listen to thousands of songs and albums as well as read Kindle books using this streaming service.

With Amazon Prime Video, you can seamlessly stream movies on a wide variety of streaming devices, including your smart TV, smartphone, PC, and gaming console, for 30 days for free. Streaming is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Activate your free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Video and enjoy fast online movie streaming.


It offers a wide selection of free movies and TV shows. Tubi is another excellent source of legal movie streaming. You can access newer movies from as recently as 2022 and some of your favorite older titles.

Fortunately, Tubi offers a category for Leaving Soon. In this way, it is possible to prioritize your streaming queue in order to watch films and television shows before they are no longer available.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has plenty of movies to offer. There is a Live TV section where you can switch between channels, just as you would with traditional cable. In addition, you can select the Movies section from the left side to view channels that only play films, although they may already be in the middle of something depending on when you start watching.

Please proceed to the On Demand section when you cannot find something you are interested in on the live stations. Here you will find a large number of free movies that you can watch right away.


In spite of one barrier to entry, Hoopla remains a convenient and easy way to watch movies online for free legally. However, you will need to create an account and link your library card in order to use Hoopla.

After you have registered, you will be able to use Hoopla to borrow movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and ebooks from your library. In addition to the web app, the service is available for all your devices and streaming boxes.

The Roku Channel

Do not be fooled by the name of The Roku Channel. Although it is available for Roku streaming devices through an app, it is also available for viewing online. The Roku App allows you to stream Roku Originals, popular TV shows, and new movies with just a few clicks.

The selection rotates regularly, and there is a category on the main page to help you find something of interest. In this case, you will have to deal with advertisements, but it is free, so this is not surprising.


Have you ever heard of the well-known movie database, which also provides free movies (via Amazon Video)? IMDb TV, launched in 2019, lets you watch films and television shows with a free account. Furthermore, you can watch this content on your Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and other streaming devices in addition to viewing online.

Besides movies, you will also be able to find some television series (including live channels) and IMDb originals.


Now you know where to find hundreds of free online movies with this list of free online movie streaming sites. Take advantage of these free movies anytime, anywhere to never run out of entertainment.

Additionally, you should know how to legally download movies for offline use, so that you can enjoy them during your next flight or other long trip.

Enjoy streaming!

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