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Tips To Hang Curtains Over Blinds

Blinds are perfect for maintaining the privacy in your home, but they are not always pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, curtains come with plenty of style, thereby making your home feel warm and cosy. Both kinds of window treatments have their pros and cons, but if you live in a rented home, you are generally stuck with one or the other. No matter the circumstances, you do not have to pick between blinds and curtains. You can get the best of both by hanging curtains over blinds with necessary tips from an interior design consultant Kolkata

In this article, we will cover no drill way to readily cover your blinds, including vertical blinds, using command hooks and window brackets. Read on to get started. 

Before You Start

Make sure to measure the width and length of your window before you hang curtains. They will tell you how long the rod you need to buy and the length will tell you how much fabric you will need. 

If you are thinking about your home office, you can also consult a professional providing services related to commercial interior design Kolkata. As a rule of thumb, buy a curtain rod that is a few inches longer than your window to make sure that it is stable when you hang it. 

For making your space look larger, you can also consider hanging a curtain rod above your window and consider hanging long curtains to provide the illusion of height. 

Step By Step Process

  • Install adhesive hooks or brackets: You can choose to drill curtain brackets into your wall or at them onto your head rail. The head rail refers to a bar that horizontally runs at the top of your blinds. There are products that are specially made to be installed on the head rails so you can buy them if possible. Most curtain brackets come with screws and you need to install them onto your head rail. Consult an interior design consultant Kolkata if you are facing trouble installing curtain brackets on your blind headrail. 
  • Put curtains on curtain rod: You can either sew your own curtain if you have sewing skills or can purchase premade curtains. For this you will need a pocket running the length of the curtains so that you can put the curtain rod through it. Make sure that your curtains can close all the way through the rod and the window. 
  • Place the curtain rod on hooks: Hang your curtain rod by putting both the and securely in a hook. Ensure that the rod is placed evenly on your wall and the curtain is balanced and stable. Try closing and opening your curtains and blinds to make sure that everything is working the way it needs to be. Any professional providing services related to commercial interior design Kolkata should be able to do the same for your office as well. 

The combination of curtains and blinds will enable you to control the light in your home or office space. You can get the experience of letting in natural light during the day and close them when you need to shut your eyes. The combination of blinds and curtains also improves your privacy. 

Reach out to any interior design consultant Kolkata if you want to take care of your privacy breaches in home or office. With the softness of curtains and functionality of blinds, you can also customise the whole thing to match your space perfectly. You are going to have light control, style and privacy if you get your curtain and blind combination done by a professional. 


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