Tips to Improve your IELTS Exam Scores in a Month

The International English Language Testing System(IELTS) is a globally accepted test that usually analyzes a person’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the English language. If you want to migrate to an English-speaking country, you must crack the IELTS exam with the required band scores. Well, if you want to achieve a higher band score, then you need to perform exceptionally well in all the modules. Candidates work from their fingers to the bones and usually take 2-3 months for effective preparation. Well, you can also prepare for the IELTS exam within just a month. You simply need to follow a strategic planning technique and follow some methods mentioned in this article.  

Scoring a higher band score in IELTS will help you take admission to the top universities and colleges abroad. If you actually have a zeal to acquire top-notch quality education and flourish your career abroad, you need to put in sincere efforts in preparation. If you are from a non-English speaking background, it might be a bit strenuous for you to prepare for the IELTS exam on your own. So, you can seek help from an eminent platform that offers excellent IELTS online classes

Here are some brilliant tips to improve your IELTS band scores from 5 to 7 within a month: 

  • Work on your grammar 

Can you speak or write in any language if you are not familiar with the grammar rules of that particular language? Impossible, right? So, you need to first understand the grammar rules of the English language as grammar is the core of every language. Once you get your hands on grammar rules, it will help you flawlessly deliver your thoughts and ideas in English. Here are some important grammar topics you need to strengthen if you actually want to excel in the English language: 

  • Articles
  • Conjunctions
  • Punctuation
  • Prepositions
  • Verbs/ adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Tenses 

Well, if it seems a bit difficult to understand everything from books, you can take help of a professional that is adept at providing the best IELTS/PTE online classes.  

  • Enhance your listening skills 

For candidates who don’t have English as their mother tongue, understanding everything in English will be quite challenging. If you are one of them, you need to improve your listening skills if you wish to properly comprehend everything by listening to something in one go. As recordings are played only once in the IELTS listening, so follow the below-mentioned tips to improve your skills and give your best: 

  • Watch an English movie or web series daily.
  • Listen to English podcasts and monologues daily.
  • Watch an English news channel on a daily basis.
  • Listen to English songs for a fun alternative. 
  • Make a habit of reading everyday 

Reading is the most strenuous section of the IELTS exam where a number of test-takers fail to attempt all the questions. So, you need to do a lot of reading and reading tasks in your preparation phase to build time management skills and improve your speed and reading skills. Either you can choose to read English novels and books or you can go for an English newspaper and articles. When you make a habit of reading, you will surely be able to learn new words. Make sure to keep your dictionary with you or you can search for meanings on the web. It is better to maintain a book to write new words, their meanings, synonyms and antonyms so that you can revise them whenever required. Apart from it, learn skimming and scamming techniques to solve maximum questions accurately within time-bound. 

  • Magnify your writing skills 

Not everyone has creative and up-to-the-mark writing skills. Those who have this skill didn’t get it from birth, they develop it with constant practice. So, you should do enough practice and make every possible effort to upgrade your writing skills. Take a random topic, think about it and start writing by using correct grammar and a wide range of vocabulary. When you try to write new words regularly, it will be easy for you to retain them for a longer period of time. Moreover, it will eliminate the reputation of words and make your writing task unique. While writing, make sure to set a timer to complete your task within the time frame. Don’t forget to look at your word count as writing too much or too less can lower your IELTS writing scores. 

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  • Improve your fluency and pronunciation 

In IELTS speaking, your band scores will depend upon how accurately you pronounce words and how fluently you speak in English. So, you need to work on your pronunciation first. You can take help from the internet to listen to the correct pronunciation of the word. Then, mimic in the same way to pronounce correctly. Make sure to speak the word at least five times to improve your pronunciation rapidly. When you correct your grammar and pronunciation, it will automatically boost your fluency. Additionally, you can practice speaking loudly and confidently in front of the mirror or switch your daily life conversations in English to be fluent in English. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, your speaking skills depend upon some components. So, you need to build a strategy considering those factors that can improve your speaking skills. Afterward, put in earnest efforts and give your best to achieve a higher band score in the IELTS speaking test.

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