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Top 10 Animation Studios and Video Production Companies in 2022 [Updated]

Animation is the most popular trend for digital and social marketing nowadays. It unlocks the power of businesses to step ahead of the industry and innovate the market with the latest trends. The majority of companies use animated videos for their brand marketing. It increases the extreme popularity of visual content for businesses. They use animations to create explainer, whiteboard, and business animated videos to enhance the brand reputation. The worth of animation has gained momentum among all sizes of businesses to promote their brands and advertise their products to customers.

Choosing the right video animation agency has become a complicated and challenging job for startup companies. They have a beginning setup and do not have enough financial resources to establish their in-house video production team. For this reason, startups have to rely on third-party companies to create dynamic and actionable videos for their brands.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of companies after conducting extensive market research. All these companies have a proven industry reputation and are recognized for their animation skills for your brand.  Before going through these organizations, we should find some benefits of hiring a video animation company for your business.

Thinking Beyond Imagination

Imagination is the first step of creating an animated video. It depends on the intellectuality and creativity of a designer to think beyond a limited mental scope and brings fresh yet novel concepts for your brand. It requires an extensive creative process of gaining insights about your video and transforming imaginative and thoughtful ideas into realistic visual content. A team of designers can think of individual ideas and join their heads to give a practical form to their combination of ideas to utilize them in marketing, advertising, and branding your products.

Designers sit with clients for hours and discuss the nature and functionalities of business to cater to the complete requirements of the customers. They should enquire about the products and services your business offers to the customers and incorporate this information in the video. It adds a unique value to your brand and customers get to know everything about your business to decide to buy your products.

Offering the Best Quality Services to Clients

Quality and reliability are the two crucial factors to consider when you start looking for a professional video animation agency for your business. It rests assures you with reliable services and produces the best quality and compelling animated video for your brand. A search for an expert video production company takes you to find an organization that never compromises on meeting deadlines at any cost. It endeavors the best to fulfill the needs and exceed their expectations. It must have the ability to provide a successful video to the customers and accomplishes their project within the assigned time.

Analytical and Technical Skills

When choosing an animation company, it is essential to look for analytical and technical skills in designers and animators. Analytical skills refer to brainstorming the fresh and novel concept that nobody has ever thought of. It gives them superiority over others to have incredible mental skills. Not everyone has such sharp abilities to think and convert their ideas into exciting videos. It requires natural skills to hone their talent and sharpen their qualities to benefit the companies with preparing a script, storyboard, motion characters, and integrating them all in a video with colors, graphics, and voice. Businesses should check the portfolio and resumes of designers and ask them about their competent skills to build videos and engage customers.

Quick Turnaround

Getting a fast turnaround is a desire and dream of every video animation company to earn better revenue and profit from promoting their content to the target audience. They should comply with strict marketing deadlines schedule to advertise their videos. Hiring an agency gives you better results in less time and effort. It sounds more professional than choosing a freelancer or establishing an in-house team of designers.

Greater ROI

ROI refers to return on investment. It is what you get after investing your money and time in creating worthwhile strategies for marketing your brand and selling your products to the customers. Every company wishes to raise its ROI on sales and receive a profit over it. It is a reward to them for putting their heart and soul and shedding their blood and sweat in standing a brand on its firm feet. It maximizes the gain for a business and enhances its reputation in the market.

Following are the Top listed Animation studios and video production companies in 2022:


It is a globally recognized animation video company comprising decade-long expertise and providing awarding solutions to clients. It shows a core specialization in creating brand identity and building colorful animations for the audience. The company has a team of designers who create exciting visual content and compel customers to buy the products.


It is a renowned animation design studio based in Bay Area, San Francisco. Explainly has a specialization in two and three-dimensional explainer videos. These videos give you a structured and organized pattern to create animation videos. The company has worked with top leading organizations of the world and has expertise in excellent brand explanation to customers to convince them to watch a video and buy a product.

Studio Pigeon

The company is titled on the bird theme. Studio pigeon is a unique and distinctive animation studio that designs cartoon-style characters to narrate stories to clients. It is a remarkable agency to work with for clients. It is a bit costly agency but offers premium quality animation services to customers.

Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is a master of animation in the design industry. It offers the best quality explainer videos to explain the detail about the brand to the audience. This agency specializes in creating Facebook and YouTube video campaigns for Christmas, new year, and any occasion all through the year.

Lemons Studios

It came into existence in 2013 and has been working since then. Lemon Studios have finished the projects hundreds of explainer and animation video projects for respected organizations including Google, Fiver, and the United States Children’s education fund. The company has proudly created and published visual stories for clients.

Kasra Design

Kasra Design focuses on creating 2D, 3D, and motion graphics videos for the target audiences.  It has produced a wide range of videos for startups, medium, and large enterprise organizations. The company offers custom video production for all clients and provides them with the best quality service and cost-effective prices.

Render Forest

Render Forest specializes in creating template-based videos. It is a renowned company in the industry and offers package options for customers. Customers can choose among the fresh stock templates and images. It allows clients to modify their budget and choose the minimum and economical cost to work with designers.

Planet Nutshell

It specializes in creating videos for technology-based organizations, healthcare, and non-profit educational institutions. Planet Nutshell covers all these sectors and helps businesses reach a broader target audience. It has tremendous experience in producing animated videos for clients.


Pixar is a well-known animation studio based in California, United States. It is critically acclaimed for producing the highest revenue-earning animated movies that revolutionized animation history with its superlative quality work. No agency has ever surpassed the quality work of Pixar so far and will never for years.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios is commonly known as Disney animation. It is a pioneer of animated short films in the USA and worldwide. The company features the best quality movies for the Walt Disney company a parent organization of Disney studios.

Buzz Flick

It is the leading animation video production company comprising a competent and talented team of professionals to exhibit their creative skills and create a masterpiece design for clients. It has the purpose of creating videos with the aim to fulfill the requirements of clients and satisfy their needs. The company has produced a wide array of videos for startups. It creates storyboards, product demos, whiteboards, motion graphics, and 2d animations for customers.

Gurumo Media

Grumo Media offers fun-loving and entertaining videos for clients. It is a leading video animation company that provides a variety of content to small and large enterprise companies. Due to its unparalleled quality, the company has achieved a reputable position among the target audiences. It has a renowned client list of Microsoft and Walmart. Gurumo media has a well-structured and organized production process that makes it unique among its competitors.

Bottom Line

All in all, these above-mentioned are the top animation studios and video production companies in 2022. These companies will dominate the future of marketing and mark their notable presence in the industry for years. The popularity of animation will flourish in the coming years and businesses will turn to this technology to advertise their brands and promote their products and services for generating higher revenue. It will help companies drive the maximum sales and conversions.

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