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Top Plugins to create dynamic tables on your WordPress Website

Manually entering data into an HTML table on your WordPress website is a thing of the past. The most recent WordPress responsive table plugins create tables dynamically based on data currently stored on your website. Creating quick tables in WordPress is now easy, less fiddly, and less time-consuming than before. The user needs to install the best plugin to create the tables on the websites. However, there are several table plugins available in the directory that can help you create excel-like data tables on the WordPress site. But, finding the finest WordPress plugin to create dynamic tables is difficult. To create dynamic tables on the WordPress website, get WordPress development services.

Why use tables for WordPress?

On a WordPress website, a table is an adequate way to present structured data. For instance:

  • Tables are a good way to display data that is too complicated to be displayed in a list.
  • Used to generate a staff or member directory
  • Any form of WordPress directory, such as a product directory, a staff directory, or a company listings database, can be created using a table.
  • Pricing tables are a visually appealing approach to offering packages and prices.
  • For popular plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and The Events Calendar, certain WordPress table plugins also offer grid-style layouts. For developers, this may be more convenient than having to create unique templates.

Many WordPress developers use HTML to create their own tables. However, we do not recommend using HTML to create the tables for the website. Instead, the users can use the WordPress table plugin to save time and generate more complicated tables. The best table plugins are mobile-friendly and pre-styled, allowing you to quickly design stunning tables for any occasion. Therefore, hire WordPress developer to install the best table plugin on your site.

Best WordPress Plugins are used to create Dynamic tables on the website.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a good WordPress table plugin. In fact, there are free and paid plugins that are available in WordPress to create dynamic tables:

Posts Table Pros

Posts Table Pro is, in our opinion, one of the greatest table plugins available. It is a premium plugin, so you will have to pay a small fee for it, but the capability it provides is unparalleled. You can create tables automatically from your existing WordPress posts, media files, and even WooCommerce products. Additionally, the tables created are dynamic, searchable, and filterable. They are intelligent and helpful, and your visitors will adore them.


  • Create searchable and sortable tables from posts, products, or any other custom post type automatically.
  • If you add or change content, Tables update themselves 
  • List results by category, tag, ID, post type, author, or any other custom field value.
  • Shortcodes may be used to embed tables nearly anywhere in WordPress.

JetEngine Tables Builder 

The JetEngine Tables builder differs from the other plugins in the list since it allows you to create dynamic tables in the Gutenberg editor or the Elementor page builder. This plugin allows you to create tables for a variety of purposes, including WooCommerce products, comments and reviews, SQL tables, and Rest API tables.

Characteristics Tables Builder by JetEngine includes:

  • Create the table with dynamic data.
  • Show data from custom fields
  • Show the post, the comments, the products, or the SQL data.
  • Options for table design

Ninja Tables

After only a few minutes of using Ninja Tables, you’ll understand why it’s called that. It is a strong, dynamic plugin that’s so easy to use you won’t even notice. You may design almost any form of a table with only a few clicks, and best of all, there will be no noticeable influence on your site’s page loading time.

Key features:

  • There are over 100 different table styles to pick
  • Three CSS libraries with an infinite color palette
  • Simple table arrangement
  • Import and export table data (CSV, JSON)


The wpDataTables plugin is a stripped-down version of the core solution. It is a basic edition for folks who produce tables on occasion or don’t want all of the premium version’s extensive capabilities. You may import data from Excel, CSV, and JSON files. The data is entered into a clean, straightforward table that may be displayed on your website. You can also start from scratch and design your own rows and columns. For people who need tables for a few of their blog entries, they can avail WOrdPress development services. 

  • The ability to combine cells
  • Columns and rows can be added, removed, and resized/reordered.
  • Personalized cell formatting
  • Add a star rating, custom links, media, and custom HTML to your page

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a WordPress table plugin that is available for free. It has a drag-and-drop table builder that makes it simple to design tables. Even though the free version lacks pre-built templates, building a new table is simple. Simply enter the desired number of columns and rows, then customize using the drag-and-drop editor. The plugin allows you to include seven different types of items in your table. Star ratings, buttons, shortcodes, and photos are among them. As a result, with the WP table builder, you can create different pricing and comparison tables. 

To add tables to your WordPress website requires shortcodes. WP Table Builder is also compatible with Gutenberg and may be used to construct a table in the block editor. 

Key features:

  • Text, image, list, and button are among the seven drag-and-drop elements. shortcode, custom HTML, and star rating
  • Each component can be customized separately.
  • Add additional rows or columns, split or merge cells, and more in the cell management mode.
  • Single and many CSV or XML files can be imported and exported.

Closing Thoughts

Hence, the aforesaid are the best WordPress table plugins that are excellent for creating data tables on your WordPress site. However, all the plugins have a different set of features, and they might not suit your demands. So, you can avail of WordPress development services from an experienced web development agency.



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