Traditional Hawaiian Food

Hawaii’s traditional cuisine is often merged with local dishes from other cultures. The Hawaiian culture and native Hawaiian food are distinct and have not changed from past cooking techniques. Some plantation-time foods have also been incorporated into the Hawaiian diet. These delicious recipes and dishes are a great way to taste traditional Hawaiian cuisine.

Although Hawaiian cuisine is constantly changing and has a variety of flavours, you will find traditional Hawaiian food to be simple and delicious at any Hawaiian gathering.


What is traditional Hawaiian cuisine?

You’ll be familiar with a few native Hawaiian dishes, including poi Lau, Kailua pork, and poke. These are the most common Hawaiian dishes that you can find at lua events, local take-out places, or small mom-and-pop eateries on the islands.

These Hawaiian dishes reflect the delicious food of the native Hawaiians, who used local ingredients such as canoe plants, meats from the island, and sweet inspirations to complete a meal. These dishes were also modified from missionary and plantation influences to make unique local food in Hawaii.

If you’re looking for authentic Hawaiian food in reno, these are the places to look.

Where can I find traditional Hawaiian food?

Many local restaurants, take-out shops, delis, and farmers markets provide these classic Hawaiian cuisine.

These are the most delicious Hawaiian foods you can eat. These dishes can also be found at a popular luau, or at a local potluck event where many of the main dishes are brought to the gathering.

These delicious traditional Hawaiian dishes are worth a try

Kalua Pork

What is Kalua Pork? It is a traditional Hawaiian dish that consists mostly of a pig that has been baked in an imu. Traditional methods are used to steam the meat (underground pit, covered with ti leaves and steamed). This Hawaiian dish is easy to prepare and can be served in an instant pot or slow cooker.

Kalua pork is available at most restaurants and take-out places. It is also available in grocery stores. Kalua pork is a popular Hawaiian dish. This is a popular Hawaiian food that everyone loves to eat and can be made at home in either a slow cooker or oven.


Lau Lau

What’s Lau lau?

Lau, a term that means leaf, is wrapped goodness and a native Hawaiian meal that every Hawaiian adores. Lau lau is made from taro leaves wrapped around pork and fish. It is then steamed until everything melts in your mouth, including the delicious Taro Leaf which is a key ingredient in Hawaiian dishes. The authentic Hawaiian dish is loved by all, both locals and visitors. This Hawaiian dish is a must-have if you find it on a Hawaiian menu.

You can find it in many places, including mom-and-pop take-outs that sell traditional Hawaiian food. Groceries and cafe/restaurants also carry this high-end version.

Squid Luau

What is Squid Luau and how can it help you?

Squid luau, among all the delicious food that Hawaii has to offer, is the most comforting and traditional Hawaiian comfort food. It is worth searching out on the islands. Squid is tender when cooked in coconut milk and taro leaves. This dish can sometimes be enhanced with chicken to add a sweeter and savourier flavor. This delicious comfort food is not as well-known as traditional Hawaiian food. However, you can find it in a local restaurant or cafe.

You can find it in local restaurants, cafes, and mom-and-pop takeout places. You’ll love it!

Purple Sweet Potato


What’s a Purple Sweet Potato?

This purple sweet potato is a staple in Hawaiian food. It was brought to Hawaii by the early Hawaiians as a source of starch. You can cut it up or make pois from it. Yams were also popular canoe plants that were brought along with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes can be eaten as a side dish to all Hawaiian dishes. They are the perfect starch to pair with many of the delicious, salty, and juicy Hawaiian food you’ll enjoy.

You can find it in many places. Sweet potatoes are often a Hawian side dish.


What’s Poi?

Poi is a staple Hawaiian dish that’s always present at Hawaiian meals. This is a sticky paste made from taro root and pounded together with water and a poi penter until it reaches the right consistency. Poi can be left to ferment for a few more days, adding more sourness to the starch.



What’s Haupia?

Haupia, a favorite dessert, is a thick coconut pudding-like dessert. It is made with coconut milk and sugar, along with cornstarch. A delicious Hawaiian meal can be topped off with haupia, or other versions of this coconut Hawaiian dessert.

Haupia can be found in mixed plates with other Hawaiian-style food at many restaurants, mom and pop shops, and takeouts. Haupia can be ordered as a dessert or separately. Some come with sweet potatoes layered with the Haupia.

Lomi Salmon

What’s lomi salmon?

Side dishes and Hawaiian cuisine are incomplete without lomi salmon. Mixture of diced tomatoes, onions, cured raw salmon and salted fish. To complement the salty flavors, this is usually served cold. Lomi salmon can be made in a traditional Hawaiian way. You will need to find the best fresh ingredients, such as salmon, onions, tomatoes, green onions, and then follow the instructions. Lomi salmon is a great side dish to any Hawaiian traditional food.

Lomo salmon is a classic Hawaiian side dish that can be found with many meals.

This easy recipe will help you make your own Lomi Salmon.

Chicken long rice

What’s chicken long rice?

This dish was created during the missionary period when Chinese contract laborers added noodles to make it into a soup. Chicken long rice was then added to the Hawaiian-style dish, which is a local favourite with lots of ginger & garlic. Chicken long rice is a Hawaiian side dish or main course.

This is a traditional meal that may be ordered at a plate lunch business, farmers market food sellers, mom & pop shops, and local grocery stores.

You can also learn how to make chicken long rice, a popular dish at a luau or other potluck.

Pipi Kaula

What’s pipi kaula?

This delicious Hawaiian-style jerky is made outdoors, then is char-broiled or fried in an oven. It can be added to poi or rice as a mixture. There are many versions available, with many different sauces and ingredients. This allows for a wider variety of flavor and faster drying. This Hawaiian dish is a great choice for dinner or lunch.

Pipi kaula is available at farmer’s markets and roadside stands, as well as food trucks and take-out counters.


What’s Kulolo?

A baked dessert similar to a haupia, but made with grated taro rather than coconut.

Farmers markets, roadside stalls, and local take-outs providing Hawaiian cuisine and sweets all carry Kulolo.

Breadfruit or Ulu

What’s breadfruit?

This starch, which is similar to a potato, was brought by Hawaiians. It can be steamed, baked or boiled and even deep-fried. To incorporate more local starches into the food menu, breadfruit is being made in many different ways. Learn more about breadfruit and how to make delicious dishes in this post.

Breadfruit can be purchased at farmers’ markets. Or you can order it in a Hawaiian-inspired mixed plate at different take-out restaurants.

Luau stew

What’s Luau stew?

This comfort food is something grandma used to make. It’s delicious Hawaiian comfort food. The stew contains seasoned and cooked taro leaves, as well as added protein such as beef brisket. This item has an amazing flavor. The stew also contains coconut milk, ginger and onion as well as seaweed.

Luau stew is available at many places such as cafes, take-out restaurants and mom and pop shops.


What’s poke?

Poke is the most popular Hawaiian dish. The Hawaiian favorite raw fish Hawaiian poke is a popular choice. There are many variations of this dish, including different sauces and ingredients. Traditional poke was made with ingredients found in the ocean, essentially raw fish chunks. The classic Hawaiian poke is made with onions, sesame oil and soy sauce.

You can find poke in a variety of places, including specialty shops, grocery stores, and take-out restaurants.

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