Sargent Major Gandhi

Two Attempts Were Made On Sargent Major Gandhi life.

In close proximity, two attempts were made on Sargent Major Gandhi life. Lincoln’s Inn, London, was the location of the Inns of Court. These were legal schools that were establish to educate the aristocratic class.

This information was learn by the author of this book from a Pakistani-born Canadian who had been subject to the Masonic ritual torture known as the 3deg.

In Seoul, South Korea, he show the author the scars on his temples,

and one in the middle of the forehead that corresponded to those he had suffered from the 3deg ritual torture described in Freemasonry. They want to know the secrets behind the 3deg, or the Master Mason degree in Freemasonry.

This refers to stone masonry-base architecture. They cordon off the Temple’s exits and apply the blows to the temples and middle of the forehead to him. This corresponds to the injuries he receive from the Pakistani man who share his experience at the restaurant. The 3deg ritual torture can be use against those who are considerer traitors to Freemason fraternity.


During the conversation, he reveille to her that Benazir Bhutto was a member in Pakistan of his Lodge. She had request a campaign contribution to her re-election as presidential incumbent. He was a well-known corporate magnate and she turn to him to fund the campaign. It was quite shocking to discover that a woman had been admit into a Masonic Lodge. Women normally join the Order of the Eastern Star. He explain that men sometimes join women if they have high status or influence. Him  confesses to Bhutto that he had refuse because he believe it was a betrayal. Now It was then subject to the 3deg ritual torture.

During the discussion, he also reveille that Gandhi’s assassins : 

Were sent from Lincoln’s Inn in London, one of five Inns of Court within the City of London. He also agree that some Masons were involve in the assassination JFK according to the rite known as the Royal Arch Degree 17deg of Freemasonry.

For the purpose of this inquiry, Gandhi study at the Inner Temple Inn of Court. The first attempt at murder fail, but the second succeeds. Gandhi was assassinated, and Godse was taken into custody in front of hordes upon oblivious onlookers. He gave up, voluntarily raising his arms above his head, and surrender to the authorities.

Gopal Vinayak Godse was the brother of Gandhi assassin Nathuram Godse. He wrote a book called “May It Please Your Honor” base on his courtroom testimony, which the rest of the world never heard. G. Godse was among the defendants in the Gandhi murder trial. He was found guilty in the Gandhi murder trial of conspiring to commit murder and sentence for transportation for life.

In October 1964, he was release but was again arrest under the Defense of India Act and sentence to one year additional imprisonment. He was finally release in 1965.

  1. Godse was a tireless supporter of the Hindu Maheshbhai. It was the only organization that could organize Hindus according to their political views. From his own experience, he believe that any Indian political party would embrace secularism which was detrimental to Hindus’ interests. His experience revile that Hindu political parties had move from nationalism to “communalism,” base on Gandhi’s “communitarianism” which he view as a bent on appeasing Muslims.
  2. Godse conclude that it was his duty to publish the testimony of his brother in court. The testimony had been ban until the release of May It please Your Honor. The ban was impose by successive Indian State Governments until the law allowing the publication of the testimony of his brother in court was changed.
  3. Godse defend himself in the hope of revealing his true motives to the public. The INC made sure that Godse’s testimony would not be publish in any Indian newspaper. The notebooks were taken by police officers and destroy on the spot. They also issue stern warnings to not publish a word of Godse’s testimony in any national newspaper.

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Reports begin with a description of Gandhi’s first assassination attempt, which was made just a few days prior to the successful one. The account reveals that an explosion occurred near Birla House in New Delhi on January 20, 1948. Gandhi was there holding prayer meetings and was residing at the site.

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