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Types of MBA Courses and Cost of MBA in the UK

MBA Courses and its Cost

One of the most popular courses worldwide, a business degree from a UK university helps students learn about the planning, management and operations of an organization. Students are introduced to different aspects of the business world, including areas such as marketing, finance, human resources and administration. While the initial phase includes an overview of the entire business world, in the advanced phase, students can choose to specialize in one of the business disciplines. So, read types of MBA courses and cost of MBA in the UK and you must know that MBA is a business program offered by a number of UK universities.

List of MBA Courses to Choose

  1. International Business
  2. Human resource Management
  3. Business Administration
  4. Project Management
  5. Sports Management
  6. Quality Management
  7. Organization Management

Career Opportunities in the UK with MBA

Entrepreneurship is a broad degree that covers a number of fields and where students can pursue different fields after completing their diploma/degree. Also, students will enjoy choosing a wide range of career opportunities. These include:- See the best office chairs here.

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Consultancy
  • Human resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management, etc.

Advantages of Choosing a MBA course in the UK –

  1. A globally recognized degree is offered
  2. UK universities offer diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in business.
  3. The MBA in the UK is at the top of business courses and is offered by some of the best universities in the UK.
  4. Along with theoretical studies, business courses in UK universities also focus on case studies and practical implications as they help students understand the subjects in a better way.
  5. A business degree from a UK university improves students’ career options and earning potential.
  6. In some institutions, students must complete an internship program as part of the curriculum.

Cost of Living and Study MBA in the UK for Indian Students

To enroll in an MBA degree in the UK, you need to cover not only the university costs, but also the living costs. This includes housing/rent, several bills, food, social life, etc. So, with tuition fees, there are differences in living costs for international students in the UK and the cost of living usually depends on where you live in the UK. Thus, metropolitan areas are definitely more expensive to live in compared to peripheral areas. Also, among the different cities in the UK, London is definitely the most expensive city to live in as an international student. So, the cost of MBA in UK is £10,000–£15,000 and the cost of living in the UK is approximately 25 to 30 thousand rupees per week anywhere in the country.

Scholarships and Financial Supports

Studying abroad is expensive, especially when it comes to a globally recognized MBA degree. Thus, how would you feel if you knew that you could cover your education costs with the help of a scholarship? Scholarships are awarded based on various elements. So, there are two types of MBA scholarships, one is internal which is offered by business schools. And the other is external which is offered by other organizations. As a result, most of us know that merit scholarships are awarded by educational institutions to students. And have either excelled in an institution in the past or scored excellent marks in required exams like GMAT.

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