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Understanding Digital Rights Management Service in 2022

At present, the demand for managing and protecting the digital rights of a business is increasing. In 2022, many businesses are turning towards protecting their rights regarding the content they publish online. The content can be either a PDF, image, entertainment video, live streaming educational content, or any other video. Here, using Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the key to adding an additional layer of security. This security layer is vital to keep the content of any organization secure from online piracy.

The process of managing the digital rights of any business is very important for any business. Protecting your content from any malicious activity is always vital for the growth and development of a business in 2022. Using DRM will also provide an upper hand to you for improving the ROI of any business.


Now, let’s look at what DRM service is and what its benefits are.

What is Digital Rights Management?

Currently, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the best tool to prevent any business’ content piracy. Generally, it is a technology used by various businesses to protect their content. DRM restricts the access of all users and provides only valid users to gain control of the content.

It is a valuable step for many businesses to generate profit by retaining their earnings. It helps every business to survive in the international market. Moreover, they can grow without any hurdles by improving the sales of their products or services.

Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady are various forms of Digital Rights Management (DRM). Before moving ahead, let’s look at these 3 forms of DRM.

  • Apple FairPlay – FairPlay is a DRM technology developed and maintained by Apple, and it functions only for Apple devices.
  • Google Widevine Widevine is a DRM technology developed by Google. It is a useful technology for Android and other devices.
  • Microsoft PlayReady – Developed by Microsoft, this technology of DRM is useful for running it on Windows OS. It is useful for content protection which is both versatile and salable.

Benefits of using the Digital Rights Management

DRM is a special security service that any business uses to protect its content from piracy. It enables a business to build a robust platform to thrive in this competitive age. Following are the benefits of using DRM technology.

  • Additional Security Layer
  • Prevent Online Piracy
  • Improvement In ROI
  • Link To Business Growth
  • Help A business Take Informed Decision

Let us see these points in detail to effectively understand Digital Rights Management.

Additional Security Layer

Organizations of all sizes around the world are using DRM technology to facilitate the sharing of the online content. This security will help a business to expand its operations. Many SMBs, EdTech platforms, video content publishers, and other businesses are using DRM technology to protect their content.

This extra added security layer prevents the copying of the content, which gives every business a wing to fly higher. In addition, DRM also prevents the unauthorized access and use of the content of any business or individual. In short, we can term it as the technology to prevent intellectual property from online piracy.


Prevent Online Piracy

The main objective of using DRM is to secure your content from any sort of online piracy. This piracy costs billions of dollars to all businesses, which they want to avoid. Avoiding online piracy is important for a business to grow rapidly in this continuously changing world. DRM provides security to any business, which makes it flourish without any hindrance.

Using Digital Rights Management is helpful by stopping any invalid user from accessing any content over the internet. Piracy can hit a business badly, and not preventing it can harm a business. However, DRM comes as a savior here to keep any business intact. 

Improvement In ROI

Any business can gain additional revenue using DRM technology. It augments the ROI of that business so that it can increase its activity over the internet. It is always necessary to develop a business so that it can complete its revenue generation goals.

In addition, Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the best factors to improve the performance of businesses. Businesses can take their mission of attaining optimum growth ahead with DRM technology. Only valid users can access and consume your premium products online.

Link To Business Growth

Digital Rights Management makes a business enhance all its operations carefully. Any organization in the world, including FMCG, Finance, or Hospitality service. Businesses, irrespective of their size, can improve their performance without any problem.

Any company with patent work might face an issue in protecting its content. Indeed, it is important to ensure the growth of a business in 2022. For this, the best method is DRM. No competitor can take hold of your content because they are debarred from doing so by DRM technology. 

Help A business Take Informed Decision

Now, this is one of the most underrated benefits, but still, it is beneficial for a business. In 2022, every business can make informed decisions by choosing DRM services. Now, DRM will help any business (whether small or big) to share and manage their content over the internet by securing their content.

A business can choose DRM or any of its services according to the platform they use to share its content. Based on that, choosing FairPlay, Widevien, and PlayReady DRM can be selected by them. However, a business can grow and keep all its products or services up and running using the best services.


Undoubtedly, the digital revolution has proved to be both a boon and a bane for business. It has provided a lot of benefits to businesses, a great one being the creation and distribution of content. Unfortunately, there are some hackers or illegal users who try to access content and use it without any problem. However, the good news for all businesses is the presence of Digital Rights Management. It is vital for the content security of any business, and understanding it is also important for them to ensure their constant growth.

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