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Uttari Betta : One day trek in Karnataka



Uttari Betta is a 5 kilometer climb over a stunning lush green terrain that gives fairly distinct scenic views that are comparable to those of the Western Ghats. It is also one of Karnataka’s most popular day hikes and is considered to be one of the best in the state. The trip begins in a tiny hamlet before entering the fort wall and passing through seven stone doors to reach the halfway point of the climb, which is marked by a shrine dedicated to Lord Shankareswar at the summit of the hill. 

The view from the top of the temple is breathtakingly stunning, and it is enough to take your breath away for a minute. Once we have crossed the temple, the trip continues ahead, passing through a tiny jungle tunnel, where we will see a whole new and surprising environment, before arriving at the grassy summit of the hill, which is encircled by massive rocks. After spending some time at the summit with some light chit-chat and a picnic lunch, we begin the long descent down to the starting site of the hike in the afternoon.


11:00 p.m.: Pick up begins in Bangalore from a variety of predetermined pickup locations.

02:30 AM: Arrive at the foot of Uttari Betta and take some time to rest.

03:00 a.m.: Begin the ascent to the summit of Uttari Betta.

04:30 a.m.: Arrive at the summit of Uttari Betta, where you may relax around the campfire and watch the dawn.

At 07:00 AM, descend back to the base after seeing the sunrise.

07:30 AM: Make a pit stop on the way to clean up and have some food before continuing on.

11:00 a.m.: Arrive in Bangalore and bring this incredible journey to a close.


Hike in the Early Morning


Pick-up and drop-off services in and around Bangalore

Other Factors to Consider


Permits to Go on a Trek


Things to Bring with You

A little backpack to carry the items listed below.

Bottles of water

Bars of energy

Personal medicine or a first aid kit are also acceptable options.

Sweaters and coats are appropriate for the evening.

a raincoat or a poncho (if it looks rainy)

Extra clothes is always a good idea (in case you plan to dive in the lake)

Good sports shoes or hiking shoes are recommended.

Extra batteries for a flashlight or torches

Photographic equipment (Camera) (optional)


Bags, sticks, and other equipment, as well as your own equipment and those of others, must be transported.

If you’re out exploring nature, don’t expect to find restrooms in the vicinity of hills. There are only washrooms accessible at the hotel and at the campground (you arrive at the hotel or campsite for breakfast or lunch).

Expect to be deprived of power and other modern conveniences in this location.

COVID-19 SOP (COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure)

Trekkers are required to wear face masks and gloves for the duration of the walk, and they must do so at all times.

2) The batch size will be kept to a minimum in order to preserve social distance. During the duration of the path, hikers must keep a 5ft space between themselves and one another.

3) Trekkers are required to carry and use a hand sanitizer on a frequent basis for their own safety.

In order to prepare for the walk, each trekker will be questioned about their travel history during the previous 10 days.


  1. If a passenger has been through a red zone or has a concerning travel history, he or she will be required to provide covid tests performed within the past five days before being allowed to continue with the booking.


5 If the trekker has any symptoms throughout the trek, or even earlier, he or she will be recommended to discontinue the walk immediately.


  1. Trekkers should refrain from littering or spitting or gargling while on their journey. They will also not be permitted to share water bottles or any other personal goods under any circumstances.


Pre-boarding procedures will include a temperature check of all participants and the bus driver, with face masks given if necessary.


8) The method of transportation chosen will be used to its full capacity, which is around 70%.


9) All necessary information on the trekkers, such as their age, phone number, and home address, will be collected and stored. We will get a copy of each participant’s government-issued photo identification card.


10) We will urge all trekkers to adhere to the Covid-19 Social Distancing Guidelines as well as the norms and regulations of the individual state governments.


11) The trekkers will be required to sign a disclaimer form and will be informed of everything they are not permitted to do while on the walk.


12) We will pick restaurants and motels for meals and accommodations that meet high hygiene requirements, and we will ensure that the establishment is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.


13) All of our Outdoor Leaders will get a full briefing on all of the procedures that must be adhered to. We will also make certain that there are organisers on hand throughout the trip who will take care of all required safeguards and safety measures.


14) Any trekkers who exhibit symptoms will be separated as soon as possible and may be requested to abandon the walk at any moment.


15) Disinfectants will be utilised on a regular basis to cleanse all of the cars, restaurants, house stays, and other equipment.


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